What are Carrier Oils?
Since the time of ancient Greece and Rome, carrier oils have been used, when the aromatic oils were used in baths, massages, medicines and cosmetic applications.” Carrier oil” is a term commonly used in the contexts of cosmetic and aromatherapy recipes for hair care and natural skin. They are referred to as base oils which are used to dilute essential oils before any topical application, because essential oils are too potent to apply topically on the skin. Though they are referred to as vegetable oils, not all the carrier oils are derived from vegetables, many are extracted and pressed from nuts, kernels, or seeds. Sometimes, carrier oils are also referred to as fixed oils, as they do not evaporate from the skin’s surface and remain fixed on the skin. Carrier oils are when mixed with essential oils; they control the concentration of essential oil and reduce the strength of essential oil’s aroma, without altering their therapeutic properties.

Know About Carrier Oils in Depth: Carrier oil is a key aspect of natural cosmetic or aromatherapy massage such as bath oil, body oil, lotion, balm, creams and moisturizers. Carrier oils can effectively prevent irritation, redness, or burning that be caused due to undiluted use of essential oils. Each carrier oil carries different components that represent distinct characteristics, such as therapeutic properties, viscosity, color etc. Generally, carrier oils contain components like antioxidants, minerals, fat-soluble vitamins.

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