Pumpkin Seed Oil

Pumpkin Seed Oil

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There are several people who want to mix this Incredible oil with a healthier body that focuses on the urinary tract and productivity areas. Whether you really want to set your life long disease-free and healthier then you must know about its best uses of it. It has highly contents of Vitamins and carotenoid. We are Top-notch Pumpkin Seed Oil Manufacturers, Suppliers and Exporters from India. Visit our page info know Its Specifications and check our business Certificates and if you have any query, you can directly Quote Us

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All About Pumpkin Seed Oil:
It is a perfect carrier oil, We AOS Products manufacture 100% Pure and Natural Pumpkin Seeds Oil. This seeds become special types of culinary, that is originated from Eastern Slovenia and Austria. There are several people want to mix Pumpkin Seed Oil with healthier body that focus on urinary tract and productivity area. Whether you really want to set your life long disease free and healthier than you must to know about of the best uses of it. This finest oil has highly contents of Vitamins and carotenoid.

Now Check Specification:





Botanical Name

Cucurbita pepo L

Other name

Kaddu beej



Part of the plant used


Cosing ref.number









Clear liquid


Dark green color clear liquid


Slight typical odor


Nutty taste





Refractive Index

Between 0.957 to 1.357


Max 0.1%


0.865 - 1.256

Iodine value

125 - 198

Saponification value

155 - 250

Unsaponificable matter

Max 3.0%

Peroxide value

Max 6.0

Acid value

Max 4.0


In well fitted container in cool and dark place

Pumpkin seed oil history:
It is also known as ‘The green gold’. It originated from Mexico, where it is a culture plant and from Middle America.

Essential benefits:
This amazing oil helps in lowering cholesterol levels , treating hyperlipidemia, easing symptoms of benign prostatic hyperplasia in men, treating hormonal related issues in women like hair loss, migraine and menstrual irregularities.

Pure Pumpkin seed oil helps to promote urinary tract system and heart health. It contains a high amount of oleic acid and linoleic acid . These fatty acids have anti-inflammatory properties.

Chemical Composition:
Pumpkin seeds oil contains the physicochemical and chemical composition initial from 10.9 to 30.9 percentage. Also available fatty acid, stearic, palmitic and linoleic combinations.

Toxicological Properties:
This natural seed oil of pumpkin is fully embedded with anti-oxidants and pure acid of fatty. Basically, a good form of Vitamins-E taken from Gamma Tocopherol is the primary element of this carrier oil that time to time increases the effectiveness of Anti-oxidants of pumpkin seeds.

9 Amazing Benefits and uses:
  1. There are several health benefits of Pumpkin seeds oil in which AOS Products share with you some most important selected points, following:
  2. Take two teaspoon of this incredible oil and light worm it and apply onto the scalp and hair that means it is the complete massage oil for hair cares more relaxing your head and maintain the nutrient penetration.
  3. It is also known Anti-DHT oil for hair loss treatment.
  4. It is the richest source of Zinc and is filled with several important minerals so use it and promote your healthier sleep.
  5. If you are suffering from a stone in the Kidney then use Pumpkin Seed Oil and prevent stone formation.
  6. Helpful for inflammation of Arthritis.
  7. It is a good blood builder, so keep it in your regular life.
  8. It provides stability in blood sugar.
  9. Pumpkin seed relieves insomnia.
  10. This pure oil maintains lowest cholesterol.

Where to Buy Pumpkin Seed Oil?
Visits here for finest quality of the oil from India. We AOS Products offer it at the Best rate of Pumpkin seeds oil. We are one of the biggest exporters from India. Basically, this seed oil is useful and beneficial for hair growth and skincare. Visit here for verified Manufacturers of the oil. If you want to buy it on-line then share your order with us. We work as a global Manufacturer and Exporters of essential oils and carrier oils from India. We have all government and Worldwide certification's e.g .ISO, GMP, HACCP and HALAL etc.

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