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Spice oils are concentrated liquid from the spices that enhance one characteristic of the respective spice completely. Spice oils and oleoresins are largely used in food industries for flavoring food like in meat canning, soft drinks, sauces, tobacco, many pharmaceutical preparations, perfumery and bakery.

Spice oils are extracted by steam distillation method. Before solvent extraction, the spice oils are distilled off from the spices. steam distillation process is used for extracting antimicrobial and antioxidant compounds from the herbs and species like clove, rosemary, thyme, Clary sage etc.

Spice oils are widely used cooking, pharmaceutical, perfume additives and personal hygiene product components, as well as for cosmetic applications. Spice oils characterizes spices with their unique aroma. These are widely used in soaps, creams, lipsticks, shampoos etc. Spice extracts contains nutraceutical ingredients which are used for various medical conditions and cure many diseases.

Consistency, Taste, Aroma and Hygiene are our top priority.

Natural Oleoresins are combinations of resins and oils that can be extracted from plants. They are rather concentrated substance that exists in liquid form.

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