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Brahmi Oil

Brahmi Oil
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Brahmi Oil

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Brahmi oil:

In India, Brahmi is also known as Indian pennywort and Centella Asiatica, particularly in north India and Kerala. It is extracted from Brahmi herb. It is commonly grows in marshy (muddy) areas throughout India, Nepal, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Vietnam and Taiwan. it is blend well with many carrier oil as almond oil, olive oil etc.
Brahmi is a therapeutic herb which is commonly used as a Good Nerve Tonic, memory enhancer, aphrodisiac, Alzheimer’s disease, Improves brain function and reduces stress.
Brahmi oil also promotes hair growth, reduces dandruff and conditioned the hairs.

Extraction: it is extracted from herb of Brahmi by Cold pressed extraction Method.

Color: Deep greenish blue in color.
Botanical name: Bocopa Monnieri

12 Incredible Uses and Benefits:

  1. It helps to improve memory and also a good nerve tonic.
  2. It helps to calm down the mind and promotes relaxation.
  3. It helps to decrease anxiety and restlessness.
  4. It helps to improve the growth of hair, maintains shine in hair.
  5. It also helps to reduce dandruff, split ends and flakey scalp.
  6. It also helps to treat certain skin problem.
  7. It helps to prevent hair fall and premature graying of hair.
  8. Pure Brahmi oil enhance the power of Memory
  9. It helpful to reduce hair fall and also it care the skin
  10. It provides alertness to your mind, so you may apply it for remove stress.
  11. Whether you face sleeping problem, apply it and reduce your sleeping problems.
  12. It works as conditioner that means Brahmi oil reduce dandruff also.

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Shop Pure Brahmi oil from India’s largest manufacturer AOS Products. We are certified of HACCP, GMP and ISO and HALAL. So you may shop here 100% natural Brahmi oil at wholesale price. Always shop it as per verified brand in India. We work as India's leading exporters of pure Brahmi oil also.

Review Summry - Awesome quality

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I need 10 kg of this oil for pharma grade

By Lakshmi Pharma Posted On 2019-03-26

Review Summry - brahmi oil body massage

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I am Atman Parekh from Jaipur, What brahmi oil can be used for body massage?

By Atman Parekh Posted On 2019-09-19

Review Summry - brahmi oil for babies

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brahmi essential oil is very useful for babies. It keep healthy to baby skin also. I am Ajay Sharma from Jabalpur, I am looking 1kg Brahmi Oil for home use.

By Ajay Sharma Posted On 2019-09-19

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