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AOS Product Pvt. Ltd. Business History

The inception of small components into a consortium with trust and fragrance of purity and with transient of time the achievement and progress welcomed with the success of AOS PRODUCTS PVT LTD.

The substratum of AOS has become apparent in 2010 with a spin off essential oils, starting with four products which today has reached 120 globally demanding products. The founders Mr. Abhilash kumar Pandey and Sandeep Maheshwari made a success story with limited assets to grow without the help of any financial institution.

We understand purification best when its true form. Consulting our products worldwide with a belief of



Our products are extricated from any type of solvents, pesticide residues, aflotoxins and other adulterants and contaminants.The notion of providing 99.9% purity to generate belief in natural over synthetic products
Commenced the journey with various challenges as working with a team of only 4 members that handled all jobs from production, packaging,labeling to Marketing by own. The biggest opportunity and start of success came with manufacturing TURPIN HYDRATE indigenously for US PHARMACOPEIA which is still running 7yrs strong. Globally AOS is the best manufacturer of L-MENTHOL with 99.98% purity,NO ONE EVER HAS REACHED THIS PURITY LEVEL EVER.

We have actualized our dream and achieved the chance to showcase our business with 90 countries worldwide and aroused to be a part of the organic and multilateral trade of natural products.

We are the largest manufactures of ESSENTIAL OILS and CARRIER OIL complying to various pharmacopeias like EP/ USP/ IP/ BP with all together 120 products in house. We are known for our quality and getting business by references.

The year to year progress and the achievements to get grace in the fame of AOS PRODUCTS. We are GMP, ISO 9001:2015, ISO 22000:2018, HACCP, HALAL and KOSHER  accredited company.
In 2009, the journey started to be best in the market with competitive price and natural quality of Products by providing the best service, consultations awareness, and therapeutic Benefits of Natural products. Initially we started with production of only 4 products and moving to 2012 set our company on the lines of global manufacturer and exporters of Essential oils, Menthol, mint oils, carrier oils and aromatherapy oils.

We made realize our customers, the real and true power of nature, providing products free of pesticides and contaminants.On the pace of development and growth in 2014, AOS bonded a good reputation with customer by delivering superior quality, timely delivery and commercially feasible pricing.

It was our commitment to produce,maintain our quality standard and professional approach,which led to our great achievement in such a short span of time.

And then a digital move in 2015 to retail our widest range of pure essential oils, Menthol, Mint products, Carrier oils, Spice oils, Oleoresins, pine oils, and derivation at a single pace, according to customer’s need and desires.

The time came in year 2016 when we took one step towards the global introduction of products in an INTERNATIONAL EXHIBITION OF PHARMA AND HEALTH CARE CPHI AND FI EUROPE. This platform maximized our business opportunities with National and international pharmaceutical, Cosmetic and Food Industries.

The achievement has graced in AOS PRODUCTS year on year. Started with a small office, now AOS PRODUCTS have three units in an area, increasing our product range and capacity every month.
The idea of serving our clients with all the benefits of natural resources by inspecting our products from scratch to the endmost stage. We value our customer choice and prerequisite by contriving the products. Now a days, AOS is a well known and one of the leading brand in manufacturing and trading natural oils and menthol worldwide.
Purity is Magnificently rare and even more appealing. To the natural all things are pure.

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