Amla Oil

Amla Oil

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Amla is beneficial for boosting the immune system from hemorrhage, diarrhea, and dysentery. It is also beneficial to maintain cholesterol levels, hypertension, and diabetes. It also helps to maintain the shine in hair, repairs hair damage, splits ends, and prevents hair loss, and prematurely graying hair. We are the Most Reliable and Trusted Amla Oil Manufacturers, suppliers, and exporters from India. Visit our product page, Know the specifications, and Check our business certificates like FDA, KOSHER, HACCP, GMP, ISO, etc. And If you have any Commerical Orders, Inquiry Now at:

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Amla Oil (Food Grade, Pharma Grade & Cosmetic Grade):
In India, amla is also called as Indian gooseberries and amalika in sanskrit. It is extracted from gooseberries or amla. Amla is a rich source of Vitamin C (Read About Lemon Oil for Vitamin C) and also contains a good amount of fiber, calcium, phosphorus, iron, carotene, vitamin B complex, Protein, and carbohydrates. Most people said that the extraction method of amla is by cold pressing or steam distillation but it is actually extracted by infused extraction method.
Amla oil has a special place in Indian kitchens in many ways such as pickle, Murabaha, chutney, and jellies.

Know Specifications of the Oil:





Botanical source

Phyllanthus emblica



Part of the plant used





 fluid liquid


Almost colourless to pale yellow





Relative density

0.847 - 1.187

Refractive Index

between 1.342 to 1.580


In well fitted  container in cool and dark place

Optical rotation

(-1) to (+4)degree


inoluble in alcohol,miscible with light petroleum

Extraction Process (How to Make?):
It is extracted from the Amla or Indian gooseberries by extracted by Cold Pressed Method.

Color: greenish yellow color
Botanical name: Phyllanthus Emblica.

11 Amazing Health Benefits and Uses of Amla Oil:
  1. It is rich source of vitamin C which repair and maintains cartilage, bones, and teeth, to heal wounds and to form scar tissue.
  2. It helps to maintain cholesterol, diabetes and hypertension.
  3. It prevents from ulcer or formation of gall bladder.
  4. It helps to cure a sore throat.
  5. It also helps to slow down the signs of aging.
  6. It helps to nourish your scalp, roots, and damaged hair.
  7. It is also beneficial for vision and skin.
  8. It prevents split ends and maintains shine in hair.
  9. It makes your skin glowing and brightening.
  10. It makes strong to the scalp of hair. Also, prevent drying the scalp.
  11. Pure Amla oil prevent to itching your scalp.

How to Apply?
100% Natural Amla oil is base oil for hair and scalp. Apply it with 2 to 3 teaspoons directly to your scalp and massage gently for 10 Minutes for best results.

Where to Buy Amla Oil in India?
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