• Essential <br>Oils
    AOS Products Pvt Ltd offers largest collection of essential oils, we maintain strict quality standards,
    with the help of highly advanced lab with skilled technocrats who understand essential oils. This assure that our customers
    get Pure and natural essential oils
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  • Menthol And <br> Mint Oils
    Menthol And
    Mint Oils
    AOS Products Pvt Ltd offers impeccable quality of Menthol Crystals, Mint Oils, Spearmint Oil, Peppermint Oil,
    Menthol Water soluble, Dementholised Mint Oil, Indian Piperita Oil and derivatives of all these Oils. Mentha Oil
    is the major by-product of the plant Mentha.
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  • Spice Oil & <br> Oleoresins
    Spice Oil &
    AOS Products Pvt Ltd offer carefully and gently distilled Spice Oils and their oleoresins so that the quality,
    essence and taste of the oil remain intact. As these product goes into food, flavors and Pharma Usage,
    we try our hard to make them of highest quality
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  • Aromatherapy <br> Oils
    AOS Products Pvt Ltd has a commitment to bring human closer to nature so that all can be benefited by it.
    Most of our Aromatherapy oils are therapeutic in nature, only the aroma of these oils helps to cure several
    disorders and diseases.
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Mentha which is a rabi crop is generally sown in winter season. Sandy soil with high water content material is most appropriate for growing the plant.The plant is harvested, when it reaches the

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Essential oils are concentrated plant extracts that retain natural smell and flavor of their source. Essential oils are extracted from various parts of plants like leaves, fruit, seeds and barks through

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Aromatherapy uses natural plant extract to promote health and well Bing. It is a holistic healing treatment. It refers to a range of alternatives, traditional or complementary therapies, that uses

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Spice oils are concentrated liquid from the spices that enhance one characteristic of the respective spice completely. Spice oils and oleoresins are largely used in food industries for

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Since the time of ancient Greece and Rome, carrier oils have been used, when the aromatic oils were used in baths, massages, medicines and cosmetic applications.” Carrier oil” is a term

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We are engaged in manufacturing a wide range of pine oil and its derivatives. Pine oil is acquired from steam distillation of needle like leaves of pine trees, these trees are commonly known as

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Aloe Vera is a plant species of the genus Aloe. It grows wild in tropical climates around the world and is cultivated for agricultural and medicinal uses. Aloe Vera protects the cells against damages caused

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There are various kinds of Natural butters which are extracted from the several trees, plants, seeds or roots. They all remain solid at room temperature and contain solid or semi-solid fat oils.

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We offer 100% natural herbal butter as Amla extract, Ashwagandha extract, Brahmi extract, Methi extract, Shikakai extract, Ashoka bark extract, Andrographis Paniculata Extract, Tinospora Cordifolia

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We AOS Products are now a day largest manufacturer and Exporter of several intermediate Pharmaceutical ingredients in India. These products are also known as chemical compound and obtained by pine products and its derivatives.

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We Are Aos Products Pvt. Ltd.


We believe that producing Menthol and Natural Oils is an art rather than Science. AOS have indigenously designed GMP, HACCP qualified plant for producing highest quality oils with a therapeutic quality of oil intact for not our plant. We use equipment of SJ304L & Glass which gives highest quality oils and Mint products.

Quality Policy

AOS holds reputation of a Manufacturer who delivers superiors quality, timely delivery and commercially feasible pricing. We have achieved this in a really small period of time, due to our professional approach and commitments to maintain our standards. We fully understand that scope of improvements is endless.

Market Strategy

AOS offers largest range of high quality products, one point solution for manufactures of Pharma, Cosmetic, and Food etc. We have a simple strategy to provide high quality at optimum price. We offer only natural products to our customers & refrain ourselves in using any synthetic products.

Why Choose Us

  • Utmost Quality

    Mission of AOS Products Private Limited to provide pure and natural oils and other products with all their therapeutic properties intact. Serving pharmaceutical industries, food and cosmetic industries with our premium quality products for more than 20 years. With this mission we always work as Trustworthy Essential Oil Manufacturers in India.

  • Optimum Price

    We at AOS Products Private Limited provide impeccable quality natural products, lucrative rate and optimum services. Our prices are quoted at most competitive price in the market because we have a plant where we manufacture pure essential oils and other natural oils products.

  • Huge Range of Products

    AOS Products private limited is providing a widest range of essential oils, wide range of Mint oils and Natural Menthol, Carrier oils, Aromatherapy oils, pine oil and their derivatives used in food, cosmetic and Pharmaceutical Industries.Since we are a Manufacturer of Essential Oils so our priority also to provide all the products range in specific form. More details, visit our products Tab.

  • Customer Oriented

    We now serve customers all over the world (90+ Countries) and are thrilled to be a part of Eco-friendly and fair trade wing of the natural products. We provide our products with complete safety.As a manufacturers of essential Oils in India we always ready to provide all supporting document to our national and International Customers. More details, visit our each products page and look the product specifications.

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