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FI-HI stands for food ingredients and health ingredients India. It is “The Marine, Agro and other food products and beverages industry trade fair”. FI-HI is the only B2B event in the Indian region for the health and food ingredients, processing and packaging industries. Their event provides an opportunity to the industries leaders to source the latest and most innovative ingredients discovered in India. It is a great platform to grow business in one of the largest-fastest growing markets with a huge appetite for food, functional and health ingredients. Food ingredients and health ingredients India nurture business relationship by meeting the most important ingredients suppliers and buyers in the region. It is a credible platform and a quality exposition for all professionals, who are associated with food and health industry.

Key Objective of the Event
1. Food ingredients and health ingredients India provides access to information brings a connect between food industries and networking.
2. Bring platform and a connect with the entire product development and food ingredients chain.
3. Obtains priceless insight of industries with the wide range of products showcases, presentations and live demo.
4. More than 12000 visitors and 250 exhibitions tool part in this event. It is the must attend event for anyone looking to grow business.

Our Experience
The Experience was certainly great.
The event was very well organized and we were very busy with potential customer from the beginning. For any company who is looking to develop their ingredient and food business in India, this should be a go- to fair. In a gist, we can say that this event offers you the opportunity to SOURCE, GROW AND NURTURE.
This platform is growing rapidly with each edition and opening fast opportunities to source high quality ingredients, expand presence, and network with key industry contacts is one of the world’s fastest growing markets. It gives an access to thousands of international and local exhibitions as well as priceless industry knowledge with wide range of live demonstrations, seminars, showcases and much more.

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