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Wheatgerm Oil

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Wheatgerm Oil

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Wheat Germ Oil:
A Grain of wheat has three parts-the husk, germ and andosperm. The germ part of the grain is used to extract Wheatgerm Carrier Oil. it is rich in vitamins, protein and minerals. This pure Indian wheat germ Oil has very high vitamin E content and also has essential fatty acid. Vitamin E is a natural antioxidant and acts as preservative. It helps increase the shelf life of the carrier oil. it is fact richest source of vitamin E,A and D.oil is dark in color and has heavy smell.

Triticum sativum, Common Wheat, Bread Wheat

Oleic- 30.64% Palmitic- 12.0% Linoleic- 52.1% Linolenic- 1.49%

With what you may blend?
Wheat germ Carrier Oil can be used directly or with fruits, dishes, salads or anything of your choice. In addition the oil blends well with other essential oils. If you are adding it with massage oil, use up to 10 to 15% wheat germ oil.

5 Amazing health Benefits and Uses:

  1. Wheat germ Carrier Oil is a great ingredient for beauty along with a nutritious diet. Its body care elements can enhance your natural beauty and rejuvenate your complexion and looks.
  2. Wheat Germ oil is often used alone as a facial oil as it contains natural collagen, which is almost identical in structure to the collagen present in our skin.
  3. Wheat germ Carrier Oil has also been explored, including increasing blood flow and reaction time, as well as for treating certain skin conditions.
  4. Wheat Germ Oil provide strong, Silky and health your hair. So apply it regular as primary oil for your hair.
  5. Finest quality of Wheat germ provide relaxation to your whole body that means from toe to head. So apply it for body massage also.

Where you may Shop?
AOS Product also confirming Wheat germ oil as per BP, USP and Offer our Indian certified products. Purified Wheat germ oil in India, if you are really interest to buy at wholesale than why you think about of its price. Come to AOS brand and Buy wheat germ online in Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad, and Bangalore or from anywhere in India. Often our special clients look on searchable terms either on their PC or special device to find Best manufacturers of wheat germ oil in worldwide zone. Your searching time has finished. Now you have time to shop wheat germ on brands name in India and at wholesale price. Check us as Wheat germ oil Exporters and carrier oil Manufacturer in Delhi India.

Review Summry - Need 500kgs wheat germ oil

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Need the rates

By Shikha Kaushik Posted On 2019-02-13

Review Summry - good oil

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pure oil, good srevices,

By peter Posted On 2019-03-15

Review Summry - wheat germ oil for skin

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what wheat germ oil helpful for hair and skin. We Molly from Fujian, China. We are looking for 50 kg of Wheat germ oil. So what is the minimum price?

By Molly Wang Posted On 2019-04-01

Review Summry - Rich with nutrient

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Thanks AOS to offer high quality of oil of wheat. I am providing a clinic to Mathura. I am starting to shop today

By Dr. Tarun Posted On 2019-04-22

Review Summry - wheat germ oil side effects

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Hello AOS thanks to send my order to my addressed Montana , really it reached us in time. My next order should be 50 kg. Ok what wheat germ oil has any types of side effects, Please mail us if any?

By Dr. Jeff Golini Posted On 2019-05-22

Review Summry - Wheat germ oil food grade

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I am from Florida and I am looking here Fresh food grade wheat Germ oil 500 gms. I have checked all documents and certificate, i feel you are genuine manufacturer of carrier oil. How to buy wheat germ oil at best price

By Lorena Acosta Posted On 2019-06-05

Review Summry - Wheat germ oil price south africa

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Michael James here from south Africa. I am looking best exporter from iNDIA for pure Wheat Germ oil. What should be best price? Please provide us proper documents e.g. COA and MSDS of wheat germ oil

By Michael James Posted On 2019-06-25

Ques. What is wheat germ oil used for?

Ans. Basically wheat germ is a gain of wheat and its oil extracted by cold pressed method of grain. Since it is richest from of Vitamins A, E and D. So you may take it as nutrient for your body.

Ques. What are wheat germ benefits?

Ans. Basically wheat germ oil is good carrier oils. It helpful for hair care, Pharmaceutical uses, Skin protection and in the improvement the lack of nutrient to your body. And much more uses you may find here. Visits our ISO certified Factory to know our manufacturing process and uses.

Ques. What does wheat germ oil do for your skin?

Ans. AOS Brand Wheat germ oil completely derived by finest quality of Wheat grain so it helpful for skin and hair due to its good properties of Linolenic acids. A very good properties of Vitamins with wheat germ it helpful for prevent cracked of your skin also.

Ques. Where you shop good quality and at wholesale price?

Ans. Whether you are doing a good plan to buy high quality and you are looking over net for many traders/ suppliers and exporters for wheat germ oil than first of all you must to check all the certified documentation with COA. You may check that producers/Manufacturers with COA, MSDS paper, ISO, GMP or HACCP, HALAL etc.

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