What is Rosemary Oil

What is Rosemary Oil
Posted on 2022-04-13

Know all About Rosemary Oil

Rosemary Oil is derived from the flowering tops of the evergreen, shrubby herb growing wild throughout Mediterranean countries. The narrow fragrant needle like it’s a perennial herb with white, purple, blue or pink flowers. Leaves of rosemary are dark green on the upper surface with paler undersides and covered with thick hair. Rosemary is also known as Salvia rosmarinus. It’s a shrubby evergreen bush which grows up to 1.5 meters high. Its origin is in ASIA, also cultivated in France, Yugoslavia and Tunisia.

The name Rosemary is derived from a Latin word “Rosemarinus” or called Sea Dew, means fond of water. The Egyptians and Romans considered the herb to be sacred and in middle ages it was used for removing evil spirits and also as a protection for plague. French hospitals used to burn this herb during epidemics.


CHEMICAL STRUCTURE - The major constituent reported are mostly monoterpene, like, limonene, borneoIverbenone, bornyl acetate etc.

PHYSICAL PROPERTIES- Pure Rosemary Oil is an almost colorless to pale yellow herb with a characteristic refreshing and pleasant odor.

EXTRACTION PROCESS- Rosemary essential oil is produced by steam distillation.

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Know Uses and benefits of Rosemary Oil

Research specifies that if you inhale rosemary essential oil, so it helps to prevent the breakdown of acetylcholine, a brain chemical important for thinking concentration and memory.

Other research suggests that breathing rosemary and other essential oil may improve brain function in older adult with dementia, including those with Alzheimer’s disease.

STIMULATE HAIR GROWTH- Rosemary oil treats androgenetic alopecia by preventing by product of testosterone from attacking hair follicles which is the cause of this condition.

How to use Rosemary Essential Oil:

  1. when men with androgenetic alopecia massages diluted rosemary oil into carrier oil and apply on scalp twice daily, it results in increased hair thickness.
  2. Rosemary oil may fight patchy hair loss or alopecia areta. When people with alopecia areta rubbed a rosemary essential oil bend into their scalp each day for seven months than improvement in their hair shows
  3. It helps in mild pain. Rosemary oil blended with acupressure for 20 minute twice daily experienced a 30 percent reduction in pain.
  4. Rosemary oil is effective for masking agent particularly for phenolic or tar like odor.
  5. It is used as an analgesic, antidepressant, carminative, cordial digestive and diuretic, hepatic, hypersensitive neruine, rubefacient stimulant and tonic.
  6. This essential oil is also affected for whooping cough and asthma sinus bronchitis, because of its astringent effect.
  7. Rosemary oil used in conditioner and shampoo for making hair shinny or strong (2 to 3 drops of oil put in conditioner or shampoo)
  8. It also helps for arterioscterosis, palpitation and poor circulation and varicose veins.
  9. The diuretic properties are also a most important quality of rosemary oil. It is perfectly useful with reducing water retention throughout mensuration and also helps obesity.
  10. By mixing 3 drops of rosemary oil with 2 drops of peppermint oil and tablespoon of coconut oil .rub this mixture on muscle or sore muscles and painful joints.

Know How to Identify the Purity of Rosemary Oil

Pure essential oil does not leave any residue on paper. The easiest way to spot if an essential oil is pure or fake would be to conduct a ring test on a white stripe of paper.

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