Evening Primrose Oil

Evening Primrose Oil

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Evening Primrose is a wildflower that grows in eastern & central North America. It is one of the genus Oenothera biennis. The flowers open in the evening thus name evening primrose, one of the most distinctive features of flowers is the stigma, which has four branches in an X shape. Since it is rich in Vitamins, Various Minerals, so Nowadays this incredible oil is used to make various types of Capsules. We are one of the Biggest Evening Primrose Oil Manufacturers, Suppliers, and Exporters from India. Visit our page, know specifications, Check certified Business Certificates and if you have any queries, Write Us.

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Evening Primrose Oil (Food, Cosmetic and Pharmaceutical Grade):
It is a wild flower that grows in eastern & central North America. It is one of the genus oenothera biennis. The flowers open in evening thus name evening primrose, one of the most distinctive features of flowers is the stigma, which has four branches in X shape.

Learn About Specification of the Oil:





Botanical Name

Oenothera biennis



Part of the plant used









Clear light yellow or yellow liquid





Refractive Index at 20˙C

Between 0.957 to 1.557

Relative density

0.800 - 1.127

Alkaline impurities

As per standard

Unsaponifiable matter

Max 2.5

Peroxide value

Max 10

Acid value

Max 0.5



Palmitic acid

2% - 14%

Stearic acid

1% - 7%

Oleic acid

3% - 16%

Linoleic acid

45% - 95%

Gamma Linolenic acid

5% - 18%

Alpha Linolenic acid

Max 0.5%


Max 0.3%


Max 0.1%


Practically insoluble in water& in ethanol(96%),miscible with


light petroleum


In well fitted container in cool and dry storage area

Evening Primrose Oil History:
This incredible oil was first used by Native Americans as an infusion for its Evening primrose was used by sedative and astringent properties (Other oil with astringent properties). Evening Primrose was used by Iroquois as a salve for skin problems. Cherokee Indians used to heat the plant’s root and apply it to hemorrhoids.

Evening primrose oil industrial uses:
There is no good scientific evidence to support its uses buy evening primrose many used for premenstrual syndrome, Menopause, arthritis (oils for Arthritis), swelling and other conditions. It is used as a source of essential fatty acids in food.

Oenothera flowers are pollinated by insects such as moth & bees. In the wild, evening primroses act as primary colonizers. They germinate in disturbed soils & can be found in habitat such as dunes, roadsides and waste areas. It was earlier used by Native Americans to heal wounds & was traditionally eaten and used as leafy vegetables. Now evening primrose oil is mainly used for production of its oil which has many therapeutic benefits.

Extraction Method (How to Make?)
It is obtained from seeds of evening primrose plant by Cold Pressed method.

Evening Primrose Oil Properties:
It is Pale yellow to golden yellow liquid with characteristic odor.

Know Chemical Composition:
Evening primrose seed oil contains essential fatty acids, substances that, such as vitamins, minerals, etc., these are manufactured by the body but are necessary for good health.

7 Amazing Health Benefits and Uses:

  1. It can help in preventing chronic fatigue syndrome.
  2.  EPO is also beneficial for hormonal balance.
  3. It reduces the pains associated with premenstrual stress syndrome like breast pain.
  4. It contains the properties of Omega-6, so it is used to treat inflammation.
  5. Evening Primrose Oil is used to treat symptoms of skin conditions like eczema & dermatitis.
  6. It can help in hot flashes, heart disease, high cholesterol, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.
  7. It has high level of essential fatty acids GLA also called as omega-6, which in our body turns into prostaglandins hormones which are necessary for a no. of important functions in our body.

Safety & Precautions:
It may increase risk of bleeding in patients taking anticoagulants such as aspirin.
People who suffer from epilepsy should not take this oil as it may increase their risk of seizures.
It can cause diarrhea, skin rashes & nausea.

Evening Primrose Oil Where to Buy?
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