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AOS Products Pvt Ltd offers impeccable quality of Menthol Crystals, Mint Oils, Spearmint Oil, Peppermint Oil, Indian Piperita Oil, Basil Oil and derivatives of all these Oils. We offer these products as per Indian Pharmacopeia, British Pharmacopeia, US Pharmacopeia etc.

Menthol Crystals

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Dementholised Mint Oil

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Peppermint Oil

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Spearmint Oil

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CIS 3 Hexenol

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Mentha Arvensis Oil

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Cis 3 Hexenyl Acetate

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3 Octanyl Acetate

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Menthyl Acetate

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Methyl Chavicol

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Menthol Water Soluble

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Mint Terpene

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Mentha Citrata Oil

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3 Octanol

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