Arachis Oil

Arachis Oil

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Arachis oil has a high content of oleic acid, therefore is best used in industries for engine lubricants, oleo-chemicals, and hydraulic fluids. Arachis oil is taken orally to preset heart disease, cancer, and lower cholesterol. We are Trustworthy Manufacturer and Exporter of pure and original Arachis Oil in India. So, visit our page to know its specification, Check the Registered Business Certificates, and if you have any queries, Quote Us

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Know All About Arachis Oil IP, BP and USP:
Arachis is a flowering plant of pea family and native to South America. Similar names are groundnut, earth nut and goober and botanical name is “Arachis Hypogaea”. It grows with warm climate, full sunlight in sandy, loamy and clay soils and can’t grow in shade. It contains approximately 56% oil and 30% protein and it is a rich source of vitamin E, K and B and minerals.

Arachis Oil Specifications:




Arachis Oil

Botanical Name

Arachis hypogaea L



Other name

Groundnut oil, Peanut oil

Part of the plant used




Cosing ref.number







Viscous liquid


Clear yellowish





Relative density

0.845 - 0.987


As per standard

Acid value

max 0.5

Peroxide value

max 5

Unsaponifiable matter

max 1%


max 0.3%





Saturated fatty acids


Palmitic acid

4% to 25%

Stearic acid

1.2% to 8.6%

Oleic acid

23% - 85%

Linoleic acid

7% - 56%

Linolenic acid

max 0.6%

Eicosenoic acid

0.3 to 3.5%


0.3 to 5%

Erucic acid

max 0.5%

Lignoceric acid

0.5% to 6%


1 to 8%

Heavy metal



NMT 1.0ppm


NMT 2.0 ppm


NMT 0.5 ppm


NMT 1 ppm


As per standard




Very slightly soluble in Ethanol(96%),Miscible with light petroeum


In well fitted container in cool and dry storage area

Arachis oil History:
The French first experimented in 1802 in Landes Aquitaine with producing peanut oil. They first encouraged peanut planting in the colony of Senegal to enhance on supply of peanut for oil extraction. In Marseilles by 1830, peanut oil was being used to make soaps.

Industrial uses:
Pure and Natural Arachis Oil has many health benefits to skin condition. It can be directly applied to the skin for arthritis, joint pain, dry skin, and eczema. Peanut oil is commonly used in cooking. There is not much scientific evidence to support one's use of Arachis oil in skin conditions. This plant thrives in dry and sunny climates and grows up to one ft. in height.

Extraction Method:
It is also available as refined oil. It can extract by cold pressing method of kernels of peanut (also called as Arachis Hypogaea).

Cold pressed peanut oil has a deep yellow color, nutty aroma & sweet taste and refined oil has a yellow color & neutral taste.

16 Powerful Health Uses and Benefits:
1. It helps to lower blood glucose levels. Many lotions & creams contain peanut oil.
2. It is useful in Hair Care, like curing dandruff.
3. Can be used in cooking.
4. It can reduce Acne of skin if mixed with a small amount of lime juice.
5. It helps in protecting skin from blackheads.
6. Used as a flavoring agent in foods and beverages.
7. It has high smoke properties which are perfect for food frying.
8. It can be used as body massage oil.
9. Has a property of suspension agent for medicines.
10. Helps to maintain a healthy heart by maintaining cholesterol level in blood.
11. Contains linoleic acid, which helps to improve blood flow and reduces high B.P.
12. Helps to improve the digestive system and is helpful in diarrhea.
13. Improves body stamina and immunity.
14. It is used to make soap by process of signification.
15. It could be used as a source fuel for diesel engines.
16. Can be used as a lips moisturizer.

Components- Oleic acid, linoleic acid and palmitic acids are the rich components of the oil.

Blending with- It can be blend with other different essential oils.

Safety & Precautions:
1- Not safe for anyone, contains allergens which may cause food-related allergic reactions
2- Avoid it pregnant and breastfeeding woman.
3- Keep far from reach of children; it may affect their sensitive skin.
4- Overdose of Arachis oil maybe because of vomiting, chest congestion, pain in the abdomen, etc.
5- In case of eye contact, don’t worry use fresh water and wash gently.
6- In the case of skin, contact washes the affected skin with fast running water.
7- When the oil has been inhaled by someone then they breathe in the fresh air.

How to store-
Keep away from heat and other ignition materials and keep in tightly closed containers, which should be keep in cool and ventilated area.

Where to buy?
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