Argan Oil

Argan Oil

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Argania is a flowering plant with single known species Argania Spinosa known as Argan, and it grows up to height of 10 mtrs. Trees are thorny, leaves & flowers are small, its fruit takes a year to ripen, fruit has a thick bitter peel surrounding a sweet smelling layer of Pericarp which surrounds very hard nut containing small oil rich seeds, this nut represents 25% of weight of fresh fruit, Argan oil is produced by removal of softpulp & cracking of Hard nut between two stones then seeds are removed & roasted because of which oil has a nutty flavor.
Argan oil is also called as Liquid Gold.


Argan fruit is dried in open air & then pulp is removed, and then cracks the argan nut to obtain argan kernels.

For Culinary Argan oil gently roast the kernels & cool & grind & press them leading to unfiltered argan oil.

For Cosmetic argan oil the only difference is that kernels are not roasted.


It consists mainly of Caffeic acid, Oleuropein, vanillic acid, tyrosol, catchol etc.


It blends well with carrier oils such as Pomegranate seed oil.


It has many culinary uses such as used as dipping bread, salads etc.

It is used to treat skin diseases.

It is used for oiling of skin & hair.

It is most commonly used as a skin moisturizer with its high vitamin E & fatty acid content; it is best product to give skin a natural boost.

It is used to make hair softer, silkier & shinier.

It is an ideal hair conditioner.

It can treat split ends.

It is also used as styling agent for hair.

It reduces wrinkles.

Owing to its antioxidant properties it is ideal anti ageing product.

It helps in treating skin conditions like eczema.

It soothes skin.

Argan oil is non greasy & it helps to balance skin by providing natural moisture.

Owing to its anti oxidants properties it helps to heal damaged skin cells & reduces inflammation & helps in reducing acne.

Argan oil is ideal protection against stretch marks & sagging.

It helps in keeping skin hydrated.

It has softening properties which helps in softening of brittle nails, dry hands & cracked hand & skin on feet.

It makes nails strong & healthy.

It is ideal to ensure lips stay plump, soft & supple.

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