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Celery Oleoresin

Celery Oleoresin
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Celery Oleoresin

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Celery oleoresin:
In the Spice Oil Industries, AOS Products is known as unique Manufacturer, Supplier and Exporter. So we are called also as pure celery oleoresin Manufacturer in India. Basically Celery oleoresin is extracted from dried seeds of “Apium Graveolens Linn”. Natural Celery oleoresin functions as powerful aromatic flavor for the food products. Due to its heavy quality of aroma, it is also responsible for the characteristic of the Odor. Celery Oleoresin is useful in blood pressure, Immune system, Anti-cancer, nerving. And now a day it is used as tonic by many Pharma Industries. High quality of Celery oil is also useful as flavor to Scent or perfumery products and soft drinks.

Origin of Celery Oleoresin:
Natively it belongs from southern Europe. Mostly Celery Seed Oleoresin manufactured in India, USA, Holland, China and Hungary. Oleoresin of Celery is widely cultivated from the domestic vegetable.

Celery Oleoresin Specification:
Origin: North America
Botanic Name: Apium Graveolens
Color: Greenish yellow in color
Bland well with: Cinnamon Bark oil, Tea Tree oil, Clove Bud oil, Lavender oil
Shelf Life: 2 Years
Flavors: aromatic flavor
Aroma quality: warm scent, fresh and spicy

9 Incredible Benefits and Uses:

  1. Widely Natural quality of Celery oleoresin is useful as or spice or flavoring in food products.
  2. Pharma grade Celery Oleoresin is also useful in tonic.
  3. Best benefits as nerving, stimulant and carminative
  4. It is useful as anti-cancer
  5. Celery oleoresin maintains immune system of body.
  6. Celery oleoresin regulates blood pressure.
  7. It is used in many skin problems
  8. It reduces migraine
  9. Celery oleoresin helps to prevent kidney stones.

Celery Oleoresin where to buy?
You may choose AOS Brand when you are going to buy pure Celery Oleoresin from India. We are well known brand and certified by ISO, HALAL, GMP, HACCP and drug license. We also provide all supporting documents related to your bought material. You may take COA, MSDS etc. We have an approved Lab where all Products first tested and then produce. So you may shop hassle free at here. We are India’s largest manufacturer, Suppliers & Exporter of all natural Spice oils and Oleoresins.

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Celery Oleoresin has the quality of Odor, due to its useful in scent and perfumery products. Mohan Nirwan from Bangalore and i am looking 10 kg Celery Oleoresin for Export to South Africa. Can you quote us best price?

By Mohan Nirwan Posted On 2019-08-01

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Hi AOS, thanks that you are on there. I am Robert U Craven from USA based company. My company looking some bulk quantity of celery and other oleo-resins. Can you send us best price and quality supported details e.g. COA and MSDS etc

By Robert U Craven Posted On 2019-08-01

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