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Celery Oleoresin

Celery Oleoresin

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Celery Oleoresin 5%-12% is an organic compound derived from Indian Mentha Arvensis Oil. Menthol Crystals appears colourless prism-shaped or needle shaped crystals, Menthol has been studied as anti-bacterial and anti-fungal. Menthol Crystals can be used in perfumes, menthol cigarettes, cosmetics, analgesic balms, ointments, lotions, creams, tooth paste, shampoos and conditioners. Beside this there are many diversified application of Menthol Crystals in Pharmaceuticals, Food-Additives, Flavours and Fragrances, Oral Care and many other industries. Menthol Crystals also used as cooling agent.

Menthol crystals are made by the fractional distillation of menthol oil. The distilled oil yields pure menthol as a fraction, that is gradually cooled and crystallized. It is Manufactured by extraction of menthol from menthol oil. The oil is chilled to a temperature of -40°C to separate the menthol, which is later crystallized by slow cooling. These crystals are available in the following two grades and confirm to IP/BP/USP/JP/ FCC-III standards.

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AOS Product manufacture and supply superior Menthol Crystals, which are acknowledged because of its uncompromised quality. Our products which are easily available and are in huge demand in food manufacturing units like confectioneries, and liquors. We are listed among the apex Pure Menthol Crystals Manufacturers and Natural Menthol Crystals Exporters from India.

Used In :
In liqueurs, confectionery, perfumery, cigarettes, cough drops, nasal inhalers, pharmaceutical preparations, etc.
  • Therap Cat: Topical antipruritic
  • Therap Cat (Vet): Has been used as a mild local anesthetic, antiseptic; internally as a
  • Carminative and gastric sedative.
Storage & Stability : Keep in tightly closed fiber drums in a cool and dry place, protected from light. When stored for more than 12 months, quality should be checked before use.

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