Fennel Oil

Fennel Oil

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Fennel essential oil derived from the cultivate seeds of fennel. That is pure natural plants are widely used in culinary. Fennel seeds essential oil are used in sweet deserts and mostly in cookery etc. Pure oil of fennel also is used in flavoring some natural toothpaste. India plays a very strong and leading role to produce pure and 100% natural fennel sweet oil by agriculture fennel plant. Since we work as reputed manufacturer & Exporter of various high quality of essential oil in which fennel oil is most our genuine products, we exports it in several certified countries as Middle east, Far east, USA, Latin America, and most seeking African states.


Botanical Name: Foeniculum vulgare.

Part Used: Whole plant

Color: Look like pale yellow

Synonyms: Foeniculum vulgare, Fennel oil, Sweet fennel oil etc.

Viscosity: Clear in Viscosity.

Perfumery Note: Characteristics Odor

Shelf Life: Two Years

Density: 0.953-0.973

Refractive Density: 1.528-1.538

Optical Rotation: +12° to +24°


It is clear in viscosity and has an herb spicy smell as useful for herbal products.


  • It is helpful for people suffering from obesity as it gives full feeling.
  • It does cleanser for skin.
  • It helps in fighting wrinkles
  • It is helpful in general skin care
  • It acts as a toner for spleen & liver.
  • It helps in increasing milk in nursing mothers.
  • In Aromatherapy it is used as blended massage oil
  • It is also used for upper respiratory tract, infections, coughs, Bed wetting etc
  • Therapeutically it acts as an antiseptic, antispasmodic, diuretic, tonic & vermifuge.
  • It might relax the colon & decrease respiratory tract secretions.


Chemically fennel essential oil ingredient by fenchone, myrcene, alpha pinene, i-8 cineole and anise aldehyde, methyl chavicol, Trans anethole, limonene etc.


You may blend Fennel sweet oil with lavender, Geranium oil and rose or sandalwood etc.

Storage & Handling of Seeds fennel oil:

  • Keep away from sun or burn heat.
  • Keep away from sources of ignition. Evaporate the residue under a fume hood. Ground all equipment containing material.
  • Keep container tightly closed. Do not breathe dust. Keep container in a amazing cool zone.

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