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Anethole is an organic compound with molecular formula C10H12O. It is phenylpropene's derivative which is an aromatic compound that occurs broadly in essential oils. Anethole is a fragrant, colorless, and mildly volatile liquid. It is slightly soluble in water, but show high solubility in ethanol. Anethole naturally occurs in Indian Basil Oil.

3 Ways to Manufacture of Anethole:
natural essential oil's separation;
reaction and rectification of CST (crude sulphate turpentine);
chemical synthesis of petrochemical substances.

5 Amazing Uses and Benefit of Anethole:

  1. Natural Anethole can remove unpleasant smells.
  2. It is massively used in commodities as a masking agent like in toothpaste, toilet soaps, mouth wash and many more.
  3. It is also used in food & beverage products, candy, chewing gums, baked goods and cigarettes as a flavoring agent.
  4. In various industrial products like deodorization, feed additives, medicines, synthetic flavors and pesticides, it is used as a scent and flavoring additive.
  5. The offered pure Anethole is tested on various predefined international industry norms to provide a purer quality of it at marginal prices.

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I bought this product from AOS Products' private limited. passed in all of our quality test Or not even pass it's best Products' we ever got.

By Ivan menezes Posted On 2019-02-12

Review Summry - quality product

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I have shopped good quality of Anethole. I am looking to dilived this product. How much more time it take to received

By Khoe Hong Posted On 2019-05-06

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