Menthyl Acetate

Menthyl Acetate

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Menthyl Acetate:
Menthyl acetate is a faded, colorless clear liquid having a mint fragrant smell. Obtained from pure and organic Mentha arvensis, it is a natural monoterpene which contributes to the smell and aroma of peppermint. It is in great requirement because of its characteristics in taste as well as perfume focuses.Menthyl acetate is the acetate ester of menthol that constitutes 3-5% of the volatile oil of Mentha arvensis oil.

What is it Use?
  • The product is used in various industries such as perfumery, beauty products, drugs, cigarettes, pharmaceutical, etc.
  • Work as solvent in paint & glue etc.
  • Useful in cosmetic e.g. Nail polish removal products

It is cool, minty, green woodsy, berry, exotic spicy, melons, guava-likewith senn-sen, ambrette and red licorice technicalities. It is also used in flavor concentrate, pepper mint, strawberry, buchu oil, lemon balm, etc. The source of Menthyl acetate is ex 100% pure and natural Mentha Arvensis.

Product Descriptions:
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