All About Mentha Arvensis Oil

All About Mentha Arvensis Oil
Posted on 2021-09-06

What is mentha Arvensis Oil? What is Mentha oil used for?

The plant of Mentha Arvensis species attributes its aromatic properties to the presence of essential oil rich in sesquiterpenes, monoterpenes and volatile constituents such as menthol, pulgone, isomenthone, menthone, carvacol, imparting characteristic mint flavor. It is currently used in many countries for various ailments. Basically small quantity of Mentha extracts in the form of oil can help to creams, Balm, cough medicines, cigarettes, food, and many soft drinks.

Mentha arvensis oil chemical composition:
Chemical observation basically indicates the properties of Mentha arvensis oil behalf of the GC and MS reports, during extraction process Mentha oil. It consists of the properties of beta-caryophyllene, alpha-pinene, piperine, beta-pinene, tannins and flavonoids, menthol, menthone, iso menthone, neomenthol, limonene, methyl acetate and more.


  1. This healthy oil is useful for many skin’s related problems e.g. acne. It acts as a natural cleanser and gently cleanses the skin.
  2. Another way of using peppermint oil to treat acne is to mix few drops of peppermint oil with grapeseed or jojoba oil and then massage it on the affected areas.
  3. To treat acne, apply a few drops of the pure essential oil on the acne-affected areas directly. Do this 2-4 times per day. However, due to skin sensitivity, it is advised to use the oil in diluted form.
  4. Dip cotton swab in mentha arvensis oil or get a drop on your fingertip and apply it onto the affected area. This oil works beautifully as it soothes and numbs the tooth area in a few minutes.
  5. In Ayurveda, Mentha oil referred as trustable oil for health as hormone and purity.
  6. Mentha oil useful for improving nervous system.
  7. Apply it when you are suffering from depression.
  8. Mentha oil uses in many cosmetic and Pharma products that helpful to reduce Acne, Fever and Dandruff etc.

  • It advisable to avoid consuming this herb during pregnancy as eating large amounts can lead to miscarriage. One should also avoid using essential oil. This herb can cause headaches, heartburn, and mouth sores.
  • Some people may also develop allergic reactions like skin rashes and skin inflammation.
  • The Mentha oil can cause harmful effects, when it is used in undiluted form. It should never be used by children below 8 years of age.

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Learn About of Mentha Arvensis Oil Industries Uses

Pharmaceuticals Uses:
Mentha arvensis oil is used to treat in many stomach disorders, inflammation, and treatment of fever headache, cold and asthma. It is also good for treating toothaches and swelling of gums. Mentha arvensis also helps to alleviate arthritis. It is beneficial to relieve in insomnia and nervous tension. A decoction made from the Field Mint plants are used to treat stomach pain, diarrhea, vomiting and influenza.

Cosmetic Uses:
Menthe arvensis Oil is used in many cosmetic products such as soaps, perfumes, talcum powder and etc. it is also used as a fragrance element and in aromatherapy.

Used in Food Products:
Menthe arvensis Oil is used in many food cuisines. Sometimes the raw material leaves are added to salad and other preparation to add flavors the food. It is also used in herbal teas, chutneys, flavoring agent for beverages, sweets and drinks.

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