Side Effects of Essential Oils

Side Effects of Essential Oils
Posted on 2022-05-20

Are Essential Oils Safe? What are the Negative Effects of Essential Oils?

Mostly essential oils are safe and free from adverse side effects, if we use essential oil properly than there is no any adverse effect of oil. We need to take care of following things while using essential oils.

Dose is the most important part while using essential oils, we use essential oil in high dose or in concentrated form than it can cause adverse effects like skin irritation and damage to organ also, so we need to check the dose of essential oil and dilute the essential oil before use.

Essential oil must be pure and original, sometimes essential oil can be mixed with synthetic chemicals or other same type of oil, or they are sometimes diluted with vegetable oil. So we need to take care of essential oil, they must be pure and original. You must buy the oil from the brand of essential oil.

Application method:
Essential oils are safe when apply on body for massage purpose. Some oils are safe when inhale for aromatherapy. But some time essential oils are irritating if applied to the skin in concentrated form. Many essential oils are photo toxic when exposed to sun like lemon oil, orange oil, thyme oil can cause skin burning.

Know About Antimicrobial Essential Oils

Drug interactions:
There is an interaction between drugs and essential oil, so we need to discuss with doctor before using essential oil, it can cause adverse effects. For example, eucalyptus oils and peppermint oil increase the skin absorption of 5-fluorouracil, an anti-cancer drug.

Can you Use Essential Oils During Pregnancy? - Must Read

Some people takes tension while using essential oil in pregnancy. They are worried about that topical use of essential oil is also harmful for pregnant women. Some essential oils are good for pregnant women, Essential oils are effective in reducing stress and anxiety, and fear regarding childbirth. If you are a lactating mother or pregnant woman then first talk to your healthcare provider before use. Some essential oil never is used during pregnancy like camphor, parsley seed oil, wintergreen oil, and wormwood oil.

Can you Use Essential Oils for Infants and Children?
Children’s and infants have sensitive skin and less develop livers and immune system, so we need to concern doctor before using essential oil. Some essential oil we can use topically after diluting with a carrier oil for massage purposes. Some oils are not used topically like peppermint oil; eucalyptus oil should be avoided for children under the age of 6 years. Essential oil must be placed away from the reach of children.

What are the Side Effects and Risks Associated with Essential Oils?

➥ There are many side effects of essential oil along with their benefits. If we use the essential oil for aromatherapy, then it can also cause side effects like anise oil if taken internally then it lowers the antidepressant effects of medications.
Bergamot oil can cause skin sensitivity when applied in high concentration. Cinnamon oil when applied without diluting, it can cause the vomiting and nausea, and contact dermatitis.
➥ When by mistake we swallow the eucalyptus oil, it can cause seizures. Lemon oil when apply topically before sun exposure, it can cause photo-sensitivity and skin burning.
➥ Peppermint oil when applied topically without diluting it can cause skin irritations. Tea tree oil when swallowed can cause adverse effect like loss of muscles coordination’s and confusions.

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