Palmarosa Oil Spiritual Benefits

Palmarosa Oil Spiritual Benefits
Posted on 2022-04-25

Know Uniqueness of Palmarosa Oil and How to Make

Palmarosa is also called as rosha. This oil has great fragrance so used in perfumes. It helps to calm down and also helps to uplifting the mood. It is mostly used in aroma lamps, massage oil and inhalers and in mist spray. The botanical name of palmarosa oil is Cymbopogon martinii. It belongs to Poaceae family.

The oil is obtained by steam distillation process. The oil is pale yellow in color. The main constituent of palmarosa oil is geranyl acetate, geraniol, linalool. The rosy fragrance of the palmarosa oil is due to monoturpenoid chemical compound.

Palmarosa Essential Oil contains 70-80% monoterpenes, 10-15% esters and around 5% aldehydes. There are two types of palmarosa grass from which essentials oils are obtained namely sofia and motia. Its aroma is like rose oil. It has wide therapeutic uses mostly use in skin care products.Palmarosa oil blends with sandalwood, spikenard, bergamot, cedar wood, geranium, lime, ylang ylang essential oils.

Health benefits of palmarosa oil?
Palmarosa oil has several health benefits.
➥ It prevents the skin infection. It has antibacterial properties which prevents eczema, psoriasisboils and acne.
➥ It also helps in digestion.
➥ It also helps to treat depression; it helps to uplift the mood.
➥ It also boosts the respiratory functions.
➥ Essential oils help to treat the arthritis, rheumatism, it helps to treat the joint pain.
➥ It also used as a moisturizer, it also prevents the skin aging by preventing the free radicals responsible for fine lines and wrinkles.
➥ Palmarosa oil can be used as massage oil used to treat fatigue and exhaustion.
➥ Palmarosa oil helps to treat sinusitis, excess mucus and bronchitis.
➥ It also helps to treat gastrointestinal disorders and urinary tract infection.
➥ It also helps to treat swelling due to insect bites.

8 Surprising Benefits of Palma Rosa Essential Oil
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What Essential Oil is Good for Attraction?

Essential oil has a warm and sweet aroma, which can attract the people toward you. The fragrance of essential oil is too much attractive like ylang ylang oil, rose oil, frankincense oil, rosewood oil, jasmine oil and sandalwood oil.

• Rose oil:
Rose oil has an attractive fragrance, it stimulates and elevate the mind. you can apply the oil near your neck and heart.

• Ylang-ylang oil:
In ancient time the ylang ylang flowers are used to cover the bed of newlyweds couple. The oil stimulates the feeling and balance the female and male energies.

• Frankincense oil:
It uplifts the mood, makes the body calm and relax, it is highly oxygenated for the brain.

• Rosewood oil:
This oil relaxes both male as well as female. It is also good for skin. It also has antiviral and antibacterial properties.

• Geranium oil:
It helps to relax the mind and nervous system. You can also add few drops of oil in bathing tub, which makes your body relax.

• Sandalwood oil:
It is usually wear by men to attract the women.

• Jasmine oil:
It is also seductive in fragrance; it attracts the men to women.

Know About Essential oil Do they Safe to Use

What is the best Essential Oil for Happiness?

Many essential oils create happiness like caraway oil, Clary sage oil, and fennel oil.
Caraway oil:
It is obtained from the seeds of the caraway plant. The botanical name of the plant is Carum Carvi. It has a sweet aroma. It is yellow to brown in color. It works as atonic and promotes positive feelings. It makes you relax and full of energy. You can use this oil in aromatherapy. Just put few drops of oil in a diffuser or vaporizer and spray near your pillow and bed. You can also mix few drops of roman chamomile oil in it.

Clary sage oil:
Clary sage oil is used to treat many health conditions; it is obtained through the steam distillation process. It is usually used to treat millennia. It has a pleasant fragrance. It is pale yellow in color. It is used to treat anxiety and mental strength. It also works against depression. You can use the oil by diluting few drops of oil with a carrier oil. We can add few drops to the shower or bath, you can also apply the oil topically.

Fennel essential oil:
It is used for culinary purpose, it supports both physical and emotional health. It is native of southern parts of Europe. Its aroma is sweet and spicy. Its color is pale yellow, and has a thin consistency. In ancient times it is used for courage and strength to warriors. It also helps to promote the confidence level. You can add few drops to a diffuser. You can also mix the oil with other essential oil like sandalwood oil, orange oil, black pepper oil, rosemary oil to increase its effect and fragrance.

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