About Bay Oil

About Bay Oil
Posted on 2021-05-29

What is Bay Oil?

The oil is obtained from the bay laurel tree, it is also called as laurel tree, the oil is obtained through the stream distillation process. The bay laurel is an evergreen shrub, it has amazing power to treat the evil and diseases. The leaves of bay are believing to be sacred and valuable. The Greeks also considered bay essential oil to be the effective medicines against plague. It has various medicinal properties that is able to treat various health issues. In Indian culture it uses as cooking oil and called as तेज पत्‍ते का तेल.

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Health Benefits of Bay Laurel Leaf Essential Oil

Provides Respiratory Relief:
The bay oil obtained from the leaves are known as expectorant, it clears the excess of mucus in respiratory tract. Thus helps in relieving congestion. It is amazing for cough, cold and bronchitis. It has antiseptic and antimicrobial properties which helps to kill the bacteria and virus. It also has antispasmodic properties used to treat pain of contracted muscles and spasm.

How to Use it: You can diffuse the bay laurel leaf oil in a diffuser or vaporizer to inhale the aroma. You can also inhale the steam of oil by putting few drops of oil into a hot water bowl. You can also mix it in combination with eucalyptus essential oil to get more benefits.

Regulates Menstrual Flow
The bay laurel leaves oil used to stimulate menstrual flows, it also regulates the flow and stimulate and regulate the menstrual cycles. It also helps to treat the cramps during menstruation and helps to relax the muscle and treat nausea and fatigue.

How to Use it: Dilute the bay leaf oil with a carrier oil such as jojoba oil, grape seed oil or rosehip oil,then gently massage the blend onto your abdominal area or stomach for pain relief.

Helps to Heal Wounds:
Due to its antibacterial nature, the oil is used to treat small wounds and cuts, bruises or scrapes. It prevents the wounds to become septic. It also helps to speed up the healing process.

How to Use it: Apply diluted bay laurel leaf oil onto the affected part of body with the help of cotton ball.

Supports Digestive Health:
The oil supports the digestive health, helps to treat the digestive disorder, it also helps to boost the appetite, it is helpful for those who lost their appetite due to many reasons. It also helps to treat bloating, indigestion and pain.

How to Use it: You can only massage the diluted bay laurel leaf oil onto your stomach area to treat your health issues.

As a Potent Insect Repellent
The oil also has insect repelling properties, as it is useful to keep pesky and unwanted creatures away from your home.The oil keeps your surrounding environments pest-free, which indirectly supports your health. It is the natural oil obtained from the plant, which is safe and pure.

How to Use it: Diffuse the bay laurel leaf oil into your diffuser. Add few drops of oil to a spray bottle containing water you can spray this fluid all around to keep insect away.

Bay Oil Useful To Promote Hair Growth

Bay laurel leaf oil is also good foe hairs, it works as a hair tonic for the hair, as it promotes the hair growth and reduce the hair loss. It has an astringent property, it helps to tighten the hair follicles and the hair roots,it moisturizes the scalp and prevents dandruff and flaky scalp.

How to Use it: Dilute the oil with a carrier oil, apply the blend onto the scalp and hair. After one to two hour wash your hairs with cold water.

Offers Pain Relief:
Bay laurel leaf oil is also has analgesic properties,and it is often used to relief pain in many problems like joint pain, arthritis, rheumatism and gout. Simply massage the oil on affected area and you will feel relax and it also helps to treat headache and migraine. It the natural product that has no side effects, it also supports overall health of yours.

How to Use it: Dilute the oil with a carrier oil and massage on affected areas.

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