Rosemary Oil

Rosemary Oil

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Saliva Rosmarinus, commonly known as rosemary. A perennial herb. It is derived from the flowering tops of evergreen, shrubby herbs. The leaves of rosemary are dark green on the upper surface and light green on the lower side. Rosemary is native to the dry, rocky area of the Mediterranean, especially along the coast. Rosemary essential oil has earned in spiritual practices and ceremonies as a symbol of remembrance. It belongs to the family of Lamiaceae. We are a Reliable Manufacturer and Exporter of Pure and Natural Rosemary oil in India. Visit our product page Know Specifications and Check our Business Certificates and if you have any query, directly visit our contact us page and Quote Us.

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All About Rosemary Oil:
Rosemary is an evergreen shrub that has needle – like leaves and pink ,purple or blue flowers.It is native to Mediterranean region. It belongs to Family- Lamiaceae, member of mint family.The leaves of the plant are 4 cm long and 2-5 mm broad,looks green above and white below.The plant flowers in summers and spring in temperate climates.

Rosemary Oil Specifications:





Botanical source

Rosemarinus Officinalislinn

Part of the plant used





Fuid liquid


Colourless or pale yellow liquid


Strong,fresh,woody herbaceous





Specific gravity

0.786 to 1.987

Refractive Index

Between 1.234 to 1.677

Optical rotation

Between - -1.5 to +22 degree


Soluble in alcohol and water &other organic solvents


Well fitted container,in cool and dark place

Greeks, Egyptians, Romans and Hebrews considered rosemary sacred in ancient times. Rosemary leaves and oil was popularly used for culinary preparation in the Mediterranean. Rosemary oil and its extracts are popularly used for incense in EGYPT.

The main chemical composition of rosemary oil are camphor (12%), alpha-pinene, 1,8-cineole(43.7%), linalool, thymol, gamma-terpinene and eucalyptol.

Oil is extracted by steam distillation method.

Therapeutic usage of rosemary oil

This finest oil and the leaves of the plant are used in the preparing various medicines. Rosemary is used for treating indigestion, hair loss, improving memory, arthritis, rheumatism and many other health conditions. In food industry, it is used as a spice. Rosemary essential oil has anti– oxidant and anti inflammatory properties and can be used as a home remedy.

Topical Uses:
Before using this essential oil topically, dilute it with carrier oil, such as Jojoba oil or almond oil to avoid skin irritation.
Rosemary and other essential oils when applied on skin are readily absorbed in to the skin. It is generally advice to dilute essential oils with Neutral carrier oil such as coconut oil or almond oil that helps to protect skin from irritation.
  1. How to prepare it for Babies and children’s: Use 1 drop Rosemary oil per 1 tablespoon carrier oil
  2. How to prepare it for Adults: Use 3-6 drops of natural rosemary oil per 1 teaspoon of carrier oils as coconut or Almond oil.
Respiratory ailments- The oil aids in respiratory issues and acts as a powerful decongestant.
Hair and scalp care-It acts as a vital tonic and conditioner for hairs and scalp. It may improve the circulation to the scalp and increases hair growth. It treats the androgenic alopecia and prevents the byproduct of testosterone to attack hair follicles.
Improves Brain function- Inhaling the oil can prevent the breakdown of acetylcholine, a brain chemical vital for thinking, memory and concentration. Rosemary was thought to increase and strengthen memory by Greece and Romans.
Relives pain and ease stress- it increase the circulation and reduces tissue inflammation.
Nursing women must avoid to use this essenital oil
High BP or diabetes Patients should avoid the use of rosemary oil.

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