How to Use Citronella Oil

How to Use Citronella Oil
Posted on 2021-07-23

Can You Rub Citronella Oil on Your Skin?

Citronella oil has a lot of health benefits; it has been used in many countries to treat skin infections, rashes, and other health problems. The pure oil of Citronella is naturally extracted from the grass plant of cymbogon nardus. We cannot apply citronella oil directly on skin dilute the oil first with a carrier oil such as almond oil and jojoba oil and then apply on skin.

Citronella oil has a strong floral aroma, it has antifungal, antimicrobial and antiseptic properties. Due to these properties, citronella oil is used to treat skin infections, small cuts and wounds. Citronella oil speed up the healing process especially in people suffering from diabetes. It is used to treat candida infected wounds in diabetic patients. Citronella oil kills the germs on skin and heals the wounds fast.

Citronella oil is used in many topical creams and lotions. Citronella oil is used in treating skin infections like warts, acne, and boils, etc. Citronella oil is used in beauty products that improve complexion and skin tone, reduces the signs of ageing and by clearing blocked pores.

Does Citronella Oil Repel Mosquitoes?

Citronella oil is used as an insect and bug repellent. It is effective against the mosquitoes, fly and fleas. It evaporates fast from the skin and its effect last for one to two hours only when applied on skin. Citronella oil is basic product used in many mosquitos’ repellent products. It demands increases day by day due to its effectiveness. Because the oil can be applied on skin without any allergic reaction.

Citronella oil is completely safe on skin but when oil comes in contact with clothes it doesn’t stain the clothes. Citronella oil is used to treat inflammation cause due to bite of insect. It reduces the itchiness and redness of skin. Citronella oil consists of three main ingredients Citronellol, Citronellal and Geraniol. These ingredients repel mosquitoes by creating a masking effect on skin. Citronella oil is best option when you are participating in outdoors games or when you are talking a walk, it is nontoxic and safe for your skin also. It didn’t kill the mosquitoes only repels them.

Citronella oil hides the scent of lactic acid and carbon dioxide released by human being; make it too difficult for the mosquitoes to find us. We can also make an insect repellent spray by adding 5 to 10 drops of lemongrass oil to 50 ml of carrier oil such as coconut oil. With the help of this essential oil, you can make an spray that repel the insect from your home and from where you want, also by adding lemongrass oil as per drops of 7 to 10 with 15 drops of rosemary essential oil and with 50 ml of coconut carrier oil. It is the home made insect repellant. Due to the occurrence of geraniol in Citronella oil, the manufactured oil have insecticidal and repellent properties and used as a natural pest control agent exhibiting low toxicity. We can use the oil in a diffuser to spread it across the room.

Oil of citronella preparations is very effectiveness for preventing in mosquito bites: systematic review of controlled laboratory experimental studies.
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Can I Use Citronella Oil in an Oil Lamp?

1- Yes, we can add citronella oil to the lamp.
2- Citronella oil is safe to use. It can be used in candles, citronella torches. It is not recommended to use citronella oil in lanterns or kerosene lamps.
3- These oils produce smoke for repelling bugs. Burning citronella oil or tiki torch oil in a kerosene oil lamp will rapidly deteriorate the wick.
4- It is very hard to remove from the lamp. It can be useful for repelling insect, Citronella oil lamp can be used for outdoor events such as parties, barbecues and other events.
5- Citronella oil is amazing for repelling flying creatures and pests. It smells good and keeps mosquitoes away.
6- Lamp of citronella oil having clean smokeless flame and pleasant fragrance.
7- The lamp fuel is odor-free for humans, bugs can smell the citronella.

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