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Citronella Oil

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Citronella Oil

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Citronella Oil:
Citronella oil Java contains a recent, woody-sweet, lemon scent. Its oil is colorless to pale-yellow in color. It is steam distilled from a tall grass full-grown within the tropics. You will notice the main advantage of essential oil of Citronella at The Aromatherapy Place, Citronella Java and Citronella Ceylon.

We Indian Manufacturer of pure Citronella Oil
has established a perfect and certified on-site full laboratory wherever all essential oils endure rigorous testing and analysis. This can be done mistreatment the most recent in Quality Assurance with Gas activity and Mass spectroscopy (GC/MS) instrumentality to accurately analyze every batch of essential oils we tend to receive from our farmers and distillers. This can be done even with the growers we have addressed for over twenty years. Each batch, each time!

There square measure variety of variations between these two combination of oil as java citronella and general grass oil in which the most necessary being the geraniol content. Citronella Ceylon contains considerably higher geraniol content. However, the Oils Square measure similar and may be employed in place of first to another. Why AOS Products 100% pure and natural, therapeutic grade Citronella oil Java from The Aromatherapy Place? Unscrupulous producers typically adulterate their essential oils.

There is the classical method to find out the chemical composition of Citronella oil. We listed Chemical composition as: Camphene, Citronellal, Dipentene (Limonene), Geraniol, Nerol, Methyl Cugenol, borncol, Thujyl alcohol and Geranyl acetate and so on.

10 Amazing Benefits and Uses:

  1. Citronella oil provides relief in inflammations.
  2. Since it have strong properties of Anti-fungal, Citronella Essential oil is helpful to treat heal infections.
  3. Citronella oil is Helpful in muscle and respiratory systems.
  4. Citronella java oil is a pioneer essential oil practiced for several pharmaceutical and medicinal uses.
  5. Many types of grasses essential oil (combined of Java) produces helpful essential oil as it you may use for headaches, Migraine and Repellent.
  6. One of the amazing helpful oil java citronella oil uses for oily skin, and repellent to ants, fleas and moths for externally.
  7. It is also used in soaps and candles, and has common applications in massage.
  8. Citronella certified oil is credited the several therapeutic properties listed as antiseptic, deodorant, insecticide, parasitic, tonic and as a stimulant.
  9. Many commercial repellents contain Citronella certified by Java oil.
  10. And the most uses of this essential oil are often used in combination with Cedar wood to produce a pleasant smelling natural insect repellent.

Where you may shop in India?
We India’s largest wholesale Exporter, Supplier and Manufacturer of Citronella oil, we offer our products at cost-effective and highly quality tested.

Find here Citronella Oil Java Manufacturers in India. We functions as Citronella Essential Oil Suppliers in India and we want to share the best location we have targeted since entire India but mostly Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Pune, Kolkata, Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh etc. Someone ask for Pure and Natural Citronella Oil (Java), we can offers it. On the basis of International markets we work as Citronella Oil (Java) Exporters from India. We deals Citronella Essential Oil in Crude or bulk quantity. Find here rectified form of Citronella Essential Oil (Java) on wholesale price in India with AOS brand.

Review Summry - Good Oil for Mosquito

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I use this oil for mosquitoes they keep themselves away from this smell.

By Ram Prasad Posted On 2019-03-14

Review Summry - Popular Brand

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AOS Products is popular brand for citronella oil. What this essential oil helpful for skin?

By Lorena Acosta Posted On 2019-03-27

Review Summry - Very useful

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I am Allison from Singapore. I am interesting to shop pure Citronella oil from Aos. Kindly quote us

By Allison tam Posted On 2019-04-06

Review Summry - citronella oil price for 10 kg

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what will be best price of Citronella Oil???

By KUSHAL SHAH Posted On 2019-05-09

Review Summry - citronella oil mosquito repellent

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Hi ACTRY here from France, i need 1Liters of citronella oil as mosquito repellent. Today early Morning i have wrote an inquery, kindly revert me

By ACTRY Alexa Posted On 2019-05-25

Review Summry - Citronella oil Benefits, Uses and Dosage

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Hi AOS, how are you? Damien Dossin here from South Africa, i have read your shared uses and benefits. I need 10 kg citronella oil for export purpose. Are you work as Exporter to South Africa also. Send us COA and MSDS etc

By Damien Dossin Posted On 2019-07-02

Review Summry - I am looking to procure PMD suitable grades for manufacturing Mosquito repellent Agarbati.

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Look forward your an early response. With Thanks Chanda Mathur Surya Urjaa Chanda

By Chanda Mathur Posted On 2019-07-18

Ques. What is citronella oil good for?

Ans. Citronella essential oil is one of the most common oils used in aromatherapy. Citronella can help to treat and prevent colds, fevers, and headaches. As massage oil, it may work in relieving pain in individuals suffering from arthritis. Due to its antifungal properties, citronella oil is also used to help heal insect bites.

Ques. Does citronella oil keep away the mosquitoes?

Ans. It is used as a major ingredient in insects repellant which keeps mosquitoes and other insects away without the use of harsh chemicals. Rub a few drops onto the skin to keep away the bugs and mosquitoes.

Ques. Is citronella and lemon grass are same?

Ans. Citronella (Cymbopogon Nardus) & lemon grass (Cymbopogon Citratus) both came from same family but with different plant. They look similar and grow the same way, and are processed in the same manner but citronella does not use in consumption where lemon grass used in tea.

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