Spearmint Oil Benefits

Spearmint Oil Benefits
Posted on 2023-12-08

What is Spearmint Oil Good for? Know Numerous Application and More

Spearmint (एक प्रकार का पुदीना)
Botanical Name : Mentha spicata

Spearmint, or Mentha Spicata, is a type of mint similar to peppermint. It is also known as common mint, garden mint, lamb mint, and mackerel mint. Due to its characteristic spear-shaped leaves, it gets its name.

It offers a sweet and minty taste and aroma. Commonly known for its flavor. Let's know some common uses of this essential oil as per industrial requirements as a flavor for candy, toothpaste, chewing gum, and mouthwash, etc.

This herb can be commonly enjoyed in making tea. You can prepare it either from dried leaves or fresh leaves. It is good for your health.

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Spearmint essential oil Applications:
It is used as multi-purpose like to soothe ailments such as problems related to skin, respiratory issues, headaches, vomiting, nausea, and cold symptoms. It is advised to Pregnant women, please refrain from using Spearmint Oil, as its emmenagogue properties may cause miscarriage

Surprising Uses and Benefits of Spearmint Oil

Is Spearmint Oil Safe to Ingest?
Obviously it is Good for Digestive Upsets. It helps to relieve digestive symptoms, nausea, vomiting and gas, abdominal pain and bloating.

Rich in Antioxidants: This plant has a natural chemical compound called Antioxidants which helps protect against and repair damage caused by free radicals, which are harmful molecules that can lead to oxidative stress. This stress has been connected to several chronic conditions, including heart disease, cancer, and Diabetes.

May Aid Women with Hormone Imbalances:
Spearmint tea – It may have good/helpful effects on women’s hormones. It includes decreasing male hormones like testosterone and increasing the hormones which are necessary for ovulation.

May Reduce Facial Hair in Women:
Hirsutism may be reduced by drinking spearmint tea. This tea helps to decrease the growth of dark, coarse hair on the face, chest, and abdomen of women.Two cups of spearmint tea a day may help reduce facial hair growth in women.

May Improve Memory:
Study says, Spearmint Essential Oil may help to improve memory. However, several researchers from universities shared their scenario for memory improvement through this oil.

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Special Precautions & Warnings or Side Effects of Spearmint Oil

Pregnancy: Please do not take by mouth the excess amount of Spearmint during pregnancy. It may damage the uterus. Thus, it is recommended to avoid pregnancy.

Breast-feeding: Still there is no reliable information to know, if spearmint is safe to use when breast-feeding. To stay on the safer side, please avoid using it in excess amounts.

Kidney disorders: Consumption of excess amount of Spearmint tea might have serious effects on the kidney and may damage it.

Liver disease: Excess amounts of Spearmint tea may damage the liver damage.

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