Oils for Alopecia

Oils for Alopecia
Posted on 2021-06-15

What is Alopecia?

➠ It is the medical condition for hair loss. Mostly hair loss occurs naturally or may be due to some disease and due to some medications. In this condition there is small patch of baldness on head or a complete loss of hair. There are many types of alopecia, male pattern baldness: this is the common type of alopecia, it affects the men mostly also known as androgenetic alopecia. This type of baldness is hereditary and due to hormone change.

➠ Female-pattern baldness: it mostly affects the women; it affects post-menopausal women due to hormonal changes. Alopecia areata: it is also known as patchy baldness, it occurs suddenly and can be reoccur. It can affect anyone like men, women and children. Many essential oils are helpful in treating alopecia.

Can Alopecia be Cured Naturally?

Alopecia can’t be treated naturally, with the suggestion of doctors we can re grow hairs. With the help of corticosteroids, we can treat the alopecia, it is anti-inflammatory in nature. We can also reduce the hair fall in alopecia by using essential oils like lavender, thyme, cedarwood oil and rosemary essential oil. All these essential oils having hair growth-promoting properties. These oils are used to treat the alopecia for more than 100 years. We can also follow the daily routine for treating alopecia by taking vitamins, diet rich in protein, massage the scalp with essential oil, avoid the use of comb in wet hairs, we can also apply the garlic and onion juice to scalp and drink a lot of water. Alopecia can cause the small bald patch in scalp that may go away by themselves or may last for long.

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What are the Causes & Symptoms of Alopecia?

➥ Alopecia is such types of problems that occur automatically to the body due to which the immune system of the body mistakes healthy cells for foreign substance.
➥ The function of our immune system is to defend against foreign particles like bacteria and viruses. In alopecia immune system by mistake attacks your hair follicles.
➥ The hair follicles shrink and stop producing hair and result in hair loss (Know More Essential Oils in Hair Loss). It is often occurring in people with family history, it means it is a heredity problem.
➥ The main symptoms of the alopecia areata are hair loss. Hairs start falling in small patch. It affects the other part of body also like hairs on face and on eyebrows, eyelashes and beard.
➥ You can also find hairs on your pillow, while taking shower and there is certain loss of hairs on scalp in the form of patches.
➥ Alopecia mostly occurs in men as compare to women, men loss their hairs from the scalp and from arms, legs and from beard and chest. It causes thinning of the hairs and the hairs grow or fall, it means hair can regrow and can be fall again. The amount of hair loss & re-growth can varies from person to person.

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