Hair Loss Why Essential Oils

Hair Loss Why Essential Oils
Posted on 2022-05-23

Are you facing Hair Problems, don’t Ignore Essential Oils

If we are talking about of present time for everyone life wither they are man or Women, they all are facing very crucial problems of hair. Due to NOT good lifestyle in our daily routine, due to water & air pollutions and numerous seasonal changes, many hairs related problems like dandruff, split hair, thinning of hair, scalp problem etc.

Also, to get rid of these problems, women also use many types of beauty products or oils, but they are chemical-rich which cause further damage to our skin. Since buying of blended essential oils or unnatural essential oils are harmful to your skin or hair so you are going to buy such oils than this may be waste of your money.

But if you are going to buy it directly from Manufacturer, then it is possible that you have quality products. We would advise you to buy essential oils instead of buying chemical-rich oils.

" We AOS Products with the help of this blog are sharing with you some original essential oils. These 100% pure essential oils are being used by women according to the present situations of their skin or hair skin type. Although as per their internal properties and chemical structure all essential oils have their different benefits, but what would be the best option for you in these oils, let us know. Today, through this blog post, we will tell you about some essential oils and how you can use it, but before that let us know a little about what are essential oils."

What is Essential Oil? Why is it Good for Hair & How to Use

Essential oils are also known as common oils for our daily life which are made from natural plants. These oils are basically a liquid extracts of the seeds, leaves, steams or flowers part that are obtained from various plant extracts like mint, sandalwood etc. which are really very good for both skin and hair.

Apart from this, these oils contain several popular properties like anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial and anti-fungal etc. Which is used by mixing it with other oils because by applying it directly on the hair or skin, it can harm you in many ways. Come to our contact us form and write us if you are going to essential oil use first time in your life.

Tea Tree Essential Oil: Why it is good for Hair?
This multipurpose oil is obtained from the leaves of a plant called Melaleuca alternifolia, and this plant typically found in several zone of Australia. This essential oil is very beneficial for the skin and hair. This oil is useful for such women whose hair is falling more due to dandruff, and then they want to prevent their hair fall thought this oil because this incredible oil has very good antimicrobial properties. Apart from this, it also contains antiviral, antispasmodic, antioxidant elements that protect the hair from many problems.

If it is Good than How to Use?

Thinks several times before use it directly to your skin or hair, because it can burn or damage your skin & hair, so always apply it by mixing it with other oil. You can apply tea tree oil by mixing 2-3 drops with coconut oil. Remark: Don’t try to use this essential oils directly to your skin or hair without mixing with carrier oils.

Peppermint Essential Oil: Is it really benefits for Hair?
Oil of Peppermint has several health properties like myorelaxant, analgesic, antiseptic, and antibacterial, antioxidant, antiviral and antispasmodic etc. In addition to hair growth, peppermint essential oil is also used for boosting energy and aiding in digestion. We know that a healthy scalp stimulates blood circulation to the tissues of skin and it strengthens the hair follicles.

How to Use?
You can also use pure peppermint oil by mixing a few drops of it with other carrier oils (take mustard oil, coconut oil or almond oil).

Nilgiri or Eucalyptus Essential Oil: Is it really good for Hair Growth?
Eucalyptus oil, also known as Eucalyptus oil, is derived mainly from the leaves of the Eucalyptus tree. This oil has antimicrobial, insecticidal properties. Hence eucalyptus essential oil is used to kill various types of infectious bacteria. And If you are facing any types of infection in your hair (like dandruff or fungal) then you can use it.

How to Use?
As per the process of peppermint oil, you can also use it by mixing a few drops in any other oil (coconut, mustard).

Rosemary Essential Oil – Is it naturally useful in hair Growth?
This essential oil has many physiological, analgesic and anti-anxiety effects. Which is very useful for hair? These oils are helpful for preventing hair loss and for hair re-growth. Apart from this, you can also use it to improve mood and reduce anxiety.

Know How to Use?
Use it by mixing it with coconut oil or any other hair oil. Take 2 t o3 drops of rosemary oil, dilute properly with some good carrier oil as Coconut or almond and use 2 times a days. You will observe after some day the changing of your hair growth and thickness.

Write your feedback and Buy Original Oils from Us

The above shared essential oils naturally may be very good for hair benefits as long hair, less fall of hair, no dandruff, shining hair, and more. If you liked our blog, then do share it with your friends and stay connected to read other all such quality blogs with your own website. You can write us for any query regarding to suggestions, feedback, buying of any types of oils in bulk or retails. Below we are sharing with you one of our online Websites from where you can directly buy our essential oils that are 100% Pure & Original.

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