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Essential Oils for Lowering Cortisol
Posted on 2023-09-18

Lowering Cortisol Benefits. Know Fastest Method to Control Cortisol Levels

  1. Regular, quality sleep
  2. Exercise regularly
  3. Clean and healthy diet
  4. Avoid or limit alcohol
  5. Hydrate and limit caffeine
  6. Mindful Meditation
  7. An organized living space
  8. Spend time outdoors
  9. Indulge in hobbies
  10. Cut unnecessary stress
There are numerous essential oils are nowadays available for example Rosemary Oil, Lavender Oil, Peppermint oil that can smoothly be used to control cortisol level.

What is the fastest method to Lower Cortisol Levels?

Eat a plant-based, whole-foods-based diet:
Cortisol levels will increase as a result of a poor diet high in processed foods and added sugars, which will also increase your chance of diabetes and high blood pressure. Make sure you consume enough fiber; fruits and veggies are excellent sources. Fiber helps to control gut bacteria, which controls hormones. Diet is really crucial; it makes up 80% of the fight.

Add vitamins if necessary:
Supplements should be monitored by a doctor and should not be used in lieu of a healthy diet. However, magnesium, which helps to control cortisol levels, is the most crucial mineral we use in our therapeutic practice when it is advised. The metabolism of cortisol can comply with vitamin C, vitamin B12, folic acid, etc

Inhale deeply:
Numerous studies demonstrate the advantages of performing deep breathing techniques three to five times per day for at least five minutes. According to research, it aids in lowering cortisol levels, reducing worry and depression, and enhancing memory. Use a deep breathing tool like Insight Timer or Calm to get started.

Limit your coffee consumption:
Adrenal fatigue, also known as chronic stress fatigue, is a condition where the body's cortisol levels are severely out of equilibrium. They become so exhausted from it that they frequently depend on coffee to get them through the day. The caffeine goes off, and they become exhausted once more. Caffeine can increase cortisol levels without addressing the real issue, which is hormone balance.

Get enough rest:
We require at least seven to eight hours of slumber per night for the body to heal. Despite being so crucial, it frequently falls to the wayside due to our hectic schedules.

Regular exercise:
The American College of Lifestyle Medicine recommends a minimum of 30 to 50 minutes per day. And exercising while walking your dog doesn't qualify; you should be pushed to the point where you can talk to someone while working out but can't sing.

Keep a diary:

Sometimes it helps to simply put ideas down on paper. If they are joyful thoughts, you can revisit them; if they are stressful thoughts, you can purge them so that you aren't thinking about them constantly.

Enjoy your interests:
Participating in enjoyable activities that make you happy, such as playing an instrument, sketching, crafting, or gardening, is a good way to get your mind off stressful ideas and circumstances. You can also use bergamot oil, Neroli Oil with your fragrance products to take better interest. 

Step outside:
Being in the presence of plants, trees, flowers, birds, and other living things can help to calm the psyche. Take a stroll around the block if you can, then sit on your front stoop. It will be simpler to take pauses and spend time outside as the weather warms.

Lead without dread:
Making dread the priority can be confusing. It enables us to take actions that would otherwise be wrong or rash. You can lead positively by being attentive, taking deep breaths, and implementing the aforementioned advice.

What is a Natural Cortisol Blocker?

L-theanine is an amino acid that can be found in some types of dark cocoa, green tea, and black tea. According to research, it causes a state of serenity that lasts for up to three hours by lowering cortisol levels and dampening cortisol reactions.

Know Healthy Essential Oils and Its Benefits

What Natural Herbs Reduce Cortisol?

Herbs like Rhodiola are grown in Europe and Asia's chilly, mountainous areas. The roots are known as adaptogens, which means that when you ingest them, they assist your body in adjusting to stress. Additionally, Rhodiola reduces anxiety, blocks the release of cortisol, and increases resilience to all types of stress.

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