Essential Oil and Animals

Essential Oil and Animals
Posted on 2022-05-18

Are Essential oils benefits for pets?

Essential oils are beneficial for pets also, if we put some drops of lavender oil on your pets bedding helps to calm them, use oil inappropriate way is good otherwise it can lead to change in behavior, adverse central nervous effects. Do not apply essential oil directly, dilute first before use. Consult the doctor first before applying the essential oil to your veterinarian. Many essential oil are useful and safe for pets like chamomile oil, frankincense oil, ginger oil, lavender oil, myrrh oil and peppermint oil.

How do I know if my pet is experiencing a reaction to essential oils?
The side effect or reaction of essential oil seen in animals that can be called poisoning. It can cause breathing problems may increase the heartbeat, the pet faces difficulty in walking, he is feeling fatigued, it can cause muscle tremors. Do not force your pets to take the essential oils or food mixed with essential oil.

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What Essential Oils Are Safe for Dogs?

Essential oils are safe for dogs like chamomile oil, frankincense oil, ginger oil and lavender oil.

Chamomile oil:
Chamomile oil is commonly used in dogs, its an herbal supplement used in dogs as an anti-inflammatory, sedative and a muscle relaxant. If we offer chamomile oil to our dogs it helps to treat the upset Tommy, it also helps them to socialize better at the local dog park.

Frankincense oil:
Frankincense oil is wonderful for dogs; it is safe for dogs also. The oil helps to promote the immunity of your dog. It also helps to treat the upset stomach, helps in giving relief from stress.

Ginger oil:
Like ginger oil gives benefits to us, the same way it is also beneficial for pets also. It helps to clear respiratory tract, or helps to soothe dogs stomach. Ginger Oil also helps to treat the joint pain of pets, it’s a kind of natural blessing for the pets.

Lavender oil:
It helps to relax the dog; it is another great remedy for a stressed out pup. It also helps to treat the car sickness in pets. You can apply the oil near ear fur.

Myrrh oil:
It is helpful for the pets who have skin irritations, myrrh has an antiseptic property, it also has astringent property helps to treat small infection and small cuts. If we apply the oil regularly on the skin of pets it helps to treat the patches of irritated skin.

Peppermint oil:
Peppermint oil helps to treat the respiratory problems, helps to open the air way. It also helps to treat the pain in their joints, it should be diluted before use and it can be toxic if ingested.

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Is Diffusing Essential Oils Safe for Pets?

➥ We need to dilute the essential oil first, every essential oil has a different concentration and formulation so it is good to dilute it before applying it to your pet.
➥ Some essential oils are toxic for your pet like wintergreen, ylang-ylang oil, peppermint oil, cinnamon oil, citrus oil and tea tree oil. They are toxic whether you diffuse this oil, licked up, or in case of a spill.
➥ Dogs nose is more powerful than humans so need to understand this also that if you diffuse essential oils in your home, it can also cause an adverse effect if used in high quantity like it can cause stress instead of calmness.
➥ We also know this animal cannot share with us if something is working or not, so that is our duty to take care of them. If your pet is pregnant, nursing, or medically sick first consult a veterinarian first. Diffuse the essential oil near the space where your pet likes to sit or relax.

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