About Cajeput Oil

About Cajeput Oil
Posted on 2022-05-23

What is Cajeput Oil? Know Its Smell and Various Types of Calling Name

This Essential Oil is also known as Acet de Cajaput, Cajaputi Atherolam, Cajaputiyar etc. This oil is made from the fresh leaves of the paperbark tree and the Kajiput tree. It has natural properties that are beneficial in relieving headache, cold and toothache. Apart from this, it helps in curing the problem of fungal infections in the skin. Cajaput oil is used in small amounts as a spice to flavor food and beverages.

You should also know some popular facts about Cajeput Oil:
Cajeput oil smell - It has a parallel smell like that of eucalyptus oil, but naturally it work as a strong medicinal aroma.
Other name of Cajeput Oil - Amazing this essential oil has several known and unknown name. you should to know it as Paperbark Tree Oil, Cajeput, Kajuput, Cajeputi Aetheroleum, Cajeputier, Melaleuca quinquenervia, Essence de Cajeput, Huile de Cajoupouli, Huile de Cajeput, Kajuputi leucadendra, Kayaputi, Melaleuca leucadendra, Melaleuca Leucodendron, Myrtus leucadendra, , Punk Tree and so on.

Must Read - Cajeput Oil Health Benefits Like in Pain, Skin, Tooth Care and more

Caziput Essential Oil has the following benefits. Let us elaborate further.

Beneficial for the skin – Kajiput oil is beneficial in curing skin related problems. It has antimicrobial properties along with antioxidant properties that protect the skin from infection and free radicals. Apart from this, moisturizer is helpful in maintaining softness and moisture in the skin.
Prevent muscle spasm – The use of caziput oil reduces pain and spasm in any kind of muscle. For this, heat water for bath and add a cup of Epsom salt and 15 to 20 drops of this oil and lavender oil can also be mixed in it. Now take a bath with this water and massage the sore muscles so that you can get relief from cramps.
Tooth care - As you know clove oil is useful in getting relief from toothache. Similarly, Kaziput oil provides relief from toothache as well as is effective in killing gum germs. For this, apply some oil in cotton and keep it on the painful area for some time.
Beneficial for hair - Pure Cajiput oil is very useful for hair related problems. It contains antimicrobial properties that strengthen the hair roots as well as reduce hair breakage. Apart from this, it reduces the problem of dandruff.
To reduce the problem of gas – Caziput oil is used in the treatment of stomach related problems like gas, cramps, indigestion, dysentery etc. This oil reduces gas by breaking down food particles and absorbing nutrients in the stomach.

Relieve Arthritis Pain – Kajeput oil is beneficial in providing relief from arthritis pain. Massaging the painful area with its oil provides relief. Apart from this, by adding a few drops of this oil in lukewarm water of bath, bathing provides relief from joint pain and swelling.

You should Know Side Effects of Essential Oils

You Should Know Side effects of Cajeput Oil

1. The benefits of Cajeput oil are many, but there can be some disadvantages as well.
2. People suffering from asthma should not use Cajiput essential oil as it is harmful.
3. Pregnant and lactating women should avoid the use of cajiput oil.
4. People who are allergic to Cajeput oil should avoid its use.
5. If you take any kind of special medicines, then consult a doctor before using this oil.
6. If there is an allergy in the skin by using Kaziput oil on the skin, so don’t use more for the skin if you are looking such symptom to your skin after using it.

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