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Cajuput Oil

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Cajeput derives from the Malaysian term Cajuputi significance for white-colored wood. The cajuput shrub, native to Australia and Malaysia, is also known as Melaleuca leucadendron or Melaleuca minor. The healing characteristics of Cajeput oil include carminative, anti-spasmodic, decongestant, paregoric, anti-neuralgic, antiseptic, insecticide, and tonic. AOS Products is the Most Reliable and Trusted Cajeput Oil Manufacturer, Supplier, and Exporter in India. One important thing, we would like to share here is that we Manufacture this oil for Food, cosmetics, and Pharma Grade. So, visit our page Know Specifications and Certifications details. And If you have any Commercial Orders, Inquiry Now at:

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Cajeput Oil USP Grade (United State Pharmacopeia):
The word Cajeput derives from the Malaysian term caju puti significance white-colored wood. The cajuput shrub, native to Australia and Malaysia, is also known as Melaleuca leucadendra or Melaleuca minor.

Know Specification of the Oil:







Part of the plant used

Leaves and twigs








Colorless to pale yellow liquid                                                    


Colorless to yellow-greenish


Fresh and camphoraceous








0.900 -0.930

Refractive density


Optical rotation

-2° to +9°

Melting point


Flash point




Acid value



Insoluble in water, soluble in alcohol


To be stored in a cool and dry place, below a temperature of 25°C

Origin of This AOS Evergreen Oil: Its tree holds infrequent, piercing, wide, evergreen, and white-colored flowers and is connected to the Myrtaceae family. Cajuput Oil has various healing capabilities and it is for this reason that it is grown all over the globe such as in India, South Asia, Japan, Vietnam, Java, and Malaysia. The leaves and branches of the tree are used for the removal of cajuput oil.

CAJUPUT OIL is produced on the Island of Sulawesi in Indonesia. The name cajuput is derived from the Indonesian word, kayu putih. The cajuput is extracted from leaves by distillation method. Leaves are collected on a hot dry day, then it is macerated in water, and distillation is done after fermenting for a night.

Industrial Uses and Benefits:
Cajuput oil is used to treat headaches, colds, tumors, and toothache (Know more oil uses in Toothache), as an expectorant, and as a tonic. It can be used topically for scabies and fungal infections.

Cajuput essential oil is extracted through the steam distillation method from the fresh leaves and twigs of the Cajuput plant.

5 Surprising Uses of Cajeput Oil:
  1. Pure Cajeput oil is utilized widely with a great remedy for digestion problems and skin problems assists in balancing our mind by clearing thoughts, stimulating the mind, and eliminating feelings of slowness.
  2. The healing characteristics of this oil include carminative, anti-spasmodic, decongestant, paregoric, anti-neuralgic, antiseptic, insecticide, and tonic.
  3. It helps in curing the infections such as colds and coughs and cools down the body.
  4. AOS Cajeput oil is very helpful for asthma, sinusitis, and sore throat. It is helpful in all types of problems like acne, psoriasis, etc., and is widely used as a massage oil.
  5. The oil is used in the treatment of illnesses such as bone and joint problems and disorders, difficulty in breathing, bronchitis, cholera, respiratory disease, epilepsy, coughing and cold, abdominal viruses, pneumonia, tooth discomfort, intestinal complaints, bladder issues, skin issues such as acne, rheumatism, neuralgia, and many other illnesses and health issues.

Blending Well With What?
Cajeput essential oil blends well with wintergreen and eucalyptus oil. The oil can be used as a tonic and a pesticide. It is used in cleansers, soaps, fragrances, and various beauty products to add perfume to them. For flavor, it is also used in beverages and various types of meals.
The oil is regarded as protected from part effects; however, it may cause irritation on the skin if used in extreme amounts.

Pure Cajeput oil is an excellent wound-healing essential oil and smells just like eucalyptus.
Sometimes it is described as a white tea tree. Major ingredients of cajuput essential oil are a-pinene, b-pinene, p-cymene, terpinolene, linalool, myrcene, terpinen-4 ol, a terpene, limonene, 1,8-cineole, y terpinene, a terpineol.

LearnSide Effects of Cajeput Oil:
It may cause skin irritation in some people; thus, a skin test is suggested prior to the use of this oil. Contact with eyes should be avoided. It is a non-toxic and non-sensitizing product.

Cajeput Oil Where to Buy?
We AOS Products offer the highest quality Cajuput Oil as per USP grade that is also certified by numerous worldwide certifications. So you may shop for Cajeput Oil from Bulk manufacturers and exporters in India. We export Bulk quantities of Cajuput Oil Food, and Pharma Grade to Africa, the Middle East, America, the United Arab Emirates, Singapore, and more than 95 Countries. So, if you are from anywhere or overseas countries, you can directly write us about this incredible oil. Thanks for your Superior Time.

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