Tagetes Oil

Tagetes Oil

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Tagetes oil is extracted by the steam distillation method from the flowers, stalks and leaves of the tagetes, picked when the seeds are just beginning to form.

The oil has been used for menstrual, irregularities, skin complaints, conjunctivitis, poor eyesight, and varicose veins. It is employed to a limited extent in herbaceous and floral perfumes. It is also used for flavouring tobacco and most food categories, including alcoholic and soft drinks.

Tagetes oil helps in curing chest infections, bronchitis, coughs and repellant.

As a massage oil, it can help in recovering cuts, wounds, parasitic and fungal infestations.

When used in a cream or lotion, Tagetes can have a most advantageous effect on microbial and fungal infections and especially effective when treating weeping wounds.

Tagetes essential oil is yellow colored and has a fruity type smell just like citrus.
Tagetone, ocimene, valeric acid and limonene are the main chemical components.
Tagetes is basically a native to Australia where it is grown profusely.

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