Lavender Oil

Lavender Oil

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This surprising oil is originated from the Mediterranean middle east and India. It is a flowering plant of the mint family known for its beauty, its sweet floral fragrance, and its multiple-use lavender is an herb native to northern Africa and the mountainous region of the Mediterranean. This incredible oil is also called Lavandula Angustifolia. We are Trustworthy Manufacturers, Suppliers and Exporters of pure and natural Lavender oil in India. Visit our page, Know specifications and Check our business Certificates and if you have Any bulk inquiries, directly Quote Us.

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It belongs to family Lamiaceae. It is a evergreen perennial woody shrub native to Mediterranean and Middle east. Both its purplish blue flowers and silvery- green leaves have a fragrance that is crisp, floral, sweet and clean. The bushes of the shrub grow to a meter tall. It is a popular fragrance used in aromatherapy. It is a multipurpose oil that carries antidepressant, anti inflammatory, antiseptic, antimicrobial, antibacterial and anti-fungal is a very well known oil to treat anxiety and insomnia.

Now Check Specifications:





Botanical source

Lavendula latifolia

Part of the plant used

Flower spikes




Fluid liquid


Colorless to pale green with yellow reflection


Fresh, sweet, green, flowery note





Specific gravity

0.786 - 0.999

Refractive Index

Between 1.345 - 1.566

Flash point

As per standard


Used in freshers,soaps,aromatherapy, cosmetics


Well fitted container in cool and dark place

Lavender oil Topical Uses:
This amazing oil reduces inflammation and unclogs pores when applied on the skin. To use pure lavender oil for acne, dilute it in coconut oil or carrier oil and apply it to skin after washing the face. This oil can also be used by mixing 2 drops with one teaspoon of witch hazel oil.

Know Origin, History and Fragrance details:
LAVENDER OIL is originated from the Mediterranean , India and Middle east. This plant has been used since ancient times, over since 2500 yrs. It is a plant of the mint family and is popularly known for its beautiful appearance. It’s a flowering plant with a floral fragrance. Its name is derived from the Latin word ‘Lavere’ which means to wash.

Lavender oil is the versatile and most popular essential oil which is known for its aroma effects. Oil is obtained by the steam distillation method from the plant Lavandula Angustifolia. This Amazing oil is believed to treat anxiety and promote relaxation. It’s a very helpful oil for treating fungal infections, depressions, insomnia, eczema, nausea, depression, allergies, and dysmenorrhea.

This oil can be used on skin with a carrier oil. It can be mixed into your daily body lotion. It has great anti-aging effects, helps to reduce wrinkles ad fine lines. It can be applied directly with your hands to soothe dry skin.

Pure Lavender oil can be used as a steam for aromatherapy. Some people consume it in the form of pills. Though it is safe to use, sometimes can cause discomfort in sensitive people.

Extraction Process:-
It obtained by steam distillation of fresh and dried flowers of Lavandula officinalis belongs to family Lamiaceae. Pure Lavender oil is a clear pale yellow color liquid with the characteristic odor of lavender. This natural oil has the ability to relieve pain and enhance blood circulation.

Though the exact composition of this oil varies from species to species, but then it mainly consists of monoterpenoids and sesquiterpenoids. The few main active components are Linalool, linalyl acetate, Lavandula acetate,terpinen-4-ol. Other constituents which are present in moderate quantities are 1,8-cineole and camphor.

12 Amazing Health Benefits and Uses:-
  1. It is used to enhance the sleeping.
  2. It used for the treatment of migraine, depression, nervous tension and emotional stress.
  3. It is used for treatment of acne. It reduced the red raised sores on face and body which is produced by bacterial infection.
  4. It stimulates the production of digestive enzymes. So it gives relives in diarrhea, vomiting, colic, and stomach.
  5. It increases the resistance power of the body.
  6. This oil acts as a pain killer. It reduces the pain of tensed muscles, muscular aches, and postoperative pain.
  7. This essential oil increases the flow of urine.
  8. It is used as an insect repellent. It relieves pain and irritation due to bite of bug.
  9. This magical oil is used for the treatment of hair loss.
  10. It has anti-cancer properties.
  11. This oil is used for the treatment of hypertension. It helps to reduce blood pressure.
  12. It is used for skin disorder helps in treating acne, wrinkles and psoriasis.

Safety and Precautions
It is contraindicated in pregnancy .If consumed in high quantity, it can lead to Vomiting and diarrhea, Blurred vision, difficulty in breathing, and burning in the eyes. Therefore, one should be careful and well aware about precautions, before using lavender oil.

Where to buy pure Lavender Oil?
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