About Tagetes Oil

About Tagetes Oil
Posted on 2022-05-26

What is Tagetes Oil? Know Common Benefits & Antiseptic Effects

Tagetes oil is such type of essential oil of marigold flower is extracted with the steam method of its flowers. Marigolds have glossy flowers bright orange or yellow in color, which belong to the sunflower family. The stem leaves and flowers of this plant are used for their medicinal properties. Tagetes oil is used to treat various diseases. Tea made from marigold leaves is an effective treatment for indigestion, constipation, etc. Marigold flower petals have anti-inflammatory properties, which are similar to a medicine.

Common Benefits & History of Tagetes oil:

It treats your wounds, boils, athlete's foot, calluses and skin infections. It is also commonly known as African marigold, Calendula, Little Calendar, Aztec Marigold, and Mexican Marigold. Let us tell about the essential health benefits of this oil:

Essential Benefits of Tagetes Oil (Antiseptic Effects):

Tagetes oil helps you kill mosquitoes, bed bugs and lice and other infections. It also neutralizes the effects of insect stings and bites. This is because marigold flowers have anti-parasitic effects. If you want, you can also use marigold flowers for your skin problems. A face pack made from marigold flowers helps in improving your skin.

Does Tagetes Oil Help Prevent Infections?
Tagetes essential oil also prevents microbe growth and infection in the body. It also cures dermatitis, skin diseases, malaria, and septic, cholera, and athlete’s foot, food poisoning caused by protozoa, fungi, and bacteria. Apart from this, Tagetes oil is also helpful in preventing infection. It prevents infections caused by Staphylococcus aureus, which can be fatal and dangerous.

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7 Incredible Benefits of Tagetes Essential Oil - Must Read

1. Tagetes essential oil has healing power along with relaxing. This oil helps you to calm down cramps.
2. This oil is helpful in removing your skin-related problems. It helps to remove scars from your face, treat eczema, rashes, cracked skin, viral infections, and inflammation.
3. Tagetes flower oil has sedative properties, which are helpful in reducing inflammation.
4. It is also helpful in cold-flu. In addition, using this oil in baths can promote respiratory health and help with cold-flu symptoms.
5. Topically, it is used in baths, diffusers, or directly inhaled.
6. This oil can also prove helpful in your cough colic and cold.
7. With the help of this oil, you can also help to overcome or cure your skin problems.

Safety or Precaution & Where to Buy Tagetes Oil

➠ You must do a patch test before using it on the skin.
➠ Pregnant women should avoid its use.
➠ Apart from this, if you have any health problems, do not use it without medical advice.

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