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This amazing oil can also be used as an antimicrobial and antioxidant addition to cotton oil. It also has anti-fungal properties. AOS Products is Most Reliable, Reputed and Trusted Clove Oil Manufacturers, Suppliers, and Exporters from India. We offer this highest quality oil as per Food, Cosmetic, and Pharma Grade in India, so, visit our page, write us for specifications, check our business Certificates and if you have any requirements, you can Quote Us.

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Clove Oil IP, BP, USP Grade (Indian, British and United State Pharmacopoeia)
If we talk about of the origin of natural clove oil than it comes from the Malacca islands and several zones of Indonesia. Clove Oil look like in color as red-brown. Cloves are accepted basically from dried parts from the tree of clove. It is distributed widely in China, the Greeks, and several zones of Rome. Roman says the brief meaning of clove is a nail.

Clove Oil Uses as Per Public Need – Must Read:

This essential oil has a variety of uses, including:
1. Aromatherapy: The warm, spicy scent of clove oil can be used to promote feelings of warmth and comfort, and can help to reduce stress and anxiety.
2. Oral Care: Clove oil has a long history of use as a natural remedy for toothaches and gum pain, it can also be used to freshen breath and kill bacteria in the mouth.
3. Skin Care: This oil can be used to soothe minor skin irritations, such as cuts, scrapes, and insect bites.
4. Hair Care: This amazing oil can be used to promote hair growth, prevent hair loss, and improve the overall health of the hair.
5. Household cleaning: Clove oil can be used as a natural cleaning agent and can help to disinfect surfaces and eliminate odors.
6. Cooking: This amazing oil can be used as a flavoring in cooking, typically in meats, stews, and marinades.
7. Relaxation: This amazing oil can be used to promote relaxation and reduce stress.
8. Pain relief: This amazing oil can be used to help ease muscle aches, headaches, and menstrual cramps.
9. Industrial Uses: This oil also has industrial uses, such as being used as a natural cleaning agent for grease and oil and being used as a flavoring agent in food and drinks.

Memorable Point for Users:

It is important to note that clove oil should be used with caution as it can cause skin irritation and allergic reactions in some individuals. It should not be used by pregnant or breastfeeding women, or by children under the age of 2 without consulting a pediatrician. It should also be avoided by individuals with bleeding disorders or taking blood thinning medication. Also, it should be used in a diluted form as pure clove oil is very potent and can cause skin irritation.

Clove Oil History:
According to, “Clove originates from the ancient Latin, “Eugenia Caryophyllus” as per the Source of Dr. Couic Marinier. Cloves have been used and well documented in Chinese history as a Chinese remedy.

Clove Oil Industrial Uses:
It is used as a food additive and preservative in food and Beverage Industry ( know more oil uses in Beverage ). Its main component is Eugonol. Eugenol properties are used for storage of food products.

Clove Oil Topical Uses:
It has nerve blocking activity by which it attributed to its primary active constituent, eugenol. Due to presence of Eugenol, it can be used topically to treat several dermatologic conditions. It is used in numerous forms of topical products including ointments, creams (Know more healthy oil uses in skin Cream), patched and gels as a penetration enhancer.

Pure Clove Oil Extraction Method (How To Make?)
It is produced by distilling the leaves, stem, and bud of the clove tree. It contains the desired percentage of Eugenol.

Properties of Clove Oil:
It is colorless to light yellow in appearance. Oil has a spicy strong aroma. It has antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties

Blends Well With:
It blends well with pure Lavender Oil, ginger Oil, benzoin, oil of sandalwood, basil Oil and natural oil of clary sage, etc.

This amazing oil is also known as oil of clove. Oil is obtained from the clove plant, Syzgium Aromaticum.Indonesia and Madagascar are the main producers of clove oil.Cloves are brown, rich, dried, and unopened flower buds of Syzygium Aromaticum. It belongs to Family Myrtaceae.Cloves are available throughout the year depending on different harvest seasons in various countries.The plant grows up to 8-12 meters tall, with crimson flowers and large leaves. The flower buds initially look pale, gradually turn green, then transit to bright red.Cloves consist of a long calyx.

Cosmetics Industries:

  1. This oil can be used as massage oil like jojoba oil in creams and lotions.
  2. It helps to treat skin ulcers and skin sores.
  3. It acts as an anti-aging agent and helps to reduce wrinkles and rejuvenates facial skin cells.
  4. clove oil is used by many cosmetic industries for making soap.

Food and Flavoring Industries:
clove oil is used in food and flavoring due to its strong and characteristic aroma.It is used in cuisines of African, Asian, Mediterranean, and Middle East countries, to give flavor to curries, meat, and marinades, as well as fruits. It is used for flavor and aroma It is a common element in spice blends in beverages.
Non-culinary uses
CLOVE is used in a type of cigarette in Indonesia and smoked throughout Europe, the United States, and Asia.
Medicinal uses
It has been used in traditional medicines. Clove oil consists of Eugenol and is very effective for toothache and other types of acts as an analgesic and used for mainly dental emergencies.

The chemical constituents of this oil are calcium, iron, potassium, phosphorous, vitamins A & C, Minerals, hydraulic acid, Eugenol, Isoeugenol, eugenol acetate, Caryophyllene.etc

Eye Contact

Suppose that clove essential oil comes in contact of your eye then don't be panic, just take plenty water and wash your eye till 15 minutes and if the condition is looking very serious then you can call a doctor immediately.
Its direct usage on the skin may cause irritation.
Oil should not be inhaled in higH Concentrate. A person may need medical attention if the symptoms persist.

How to Store or Handle Clove Oil?
Do not Drink clove oil
Maintain the proper cleanness and store in tightly fitted container in a cool and dark place.

Side Effects of Clove Oil:
During pregnancy, this essential oil should not be used. You should take advice from your Doctors before using it. We always care about your health and we want to provide you with optimum service.

Clove Oil Where to Buy?
We AOS Products reputed manufacturer and exporters from India's popular zone Delhi, and we offer the finest quality of clove oil from India. We provide only certified and natural clove oil at the very lowest prices. You can buy Clove oil Food Grade, Pharma Grade, and Cosmetic Grade from India. So start to Buy online Clove essential oils from India today. We offer Competitive Price of Clove Oil as per BP, USP from India to various worldwide countries for example South Africa, America, South Korea, Malaysia, Dubai, Australia, Singapore, Kazakhstan, and several zones of Middle East, etc.

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