What is Evening Primrose Oil

What is Evening Primrose Oil
Posted on 2023-09-06

Know About Evening Primrose Oil, Common Benefits, How to make and More

Evening primrose oil, which is also called a kind of carrier or edible oil, is also called a brand in shortcuts by many people, so let us know what is it, where it’s the origin and then is there any traditional use of it. So let's start, this oil is made from the seeds of flowers of a plant native to North America. The plant has been traditionally used as a treatment for many problems. Such as injuries, piles, digestive problems, and sore throat or swelling.

How to Make This Incredible Oil?
It is one of the best carrier oil, so naturally it is obtained by cold-pressed method from the natural plant Oenothera biennis. More details, about Evening Primrose Oil manufacturing process, Kindly visit AOS Products Corporate Video.

How to Check Purity of Evening Primrose Oil:
It is not good to buy oil in the market or online only in the name of nature. If the oil you have bought is not natural then it will have a double negative impact on your skin and health so be alert and follow some prime steps:
➠ Put 2 to 3 drops of oil on clean paper, if it is spreading or drying up, then it is not natural.
➠ Natural oils are always packed in an amber glass bottle, if it is kept in a bottle made of a material like plastic, then the oil can absorb the internal quality of that bottle, and then your oil has been contaminated.
➠ The Oil that is made directly by the Manufacturers (Best Example AOS Products) is a bit expensive, if any supplier or brand is selling it in the name of very cheap, then he is fooling you, it is blended oil, not the original oil.

19 Surprising Health Benefits of Evening primrose Oil

1. It reduces menopause symptoms
2. Prevent rheumatoid arthritis
3. It naturally prevents DHT hair loss
4. The Oil of Evening Primrose made by AOS Products is also used to stimulate hair growth. But first, remember it should be 100% Natural.
5. It helps with Eczema
6. Treats Psoriasis
7. It reduces acne
8. It naturally regulates cholesterol levels
9. Evening Primrose Oil regulates high BP or Blood Pressure
10. It prevents heart disease
11. It helps with Thyroid
12. It also improves fertility
13. Nursing Mather, if facing labor pain, can use it, it induces labor
14. It reduces breast pain
15. Are you facing any types of hormonal issues, Don’t delay, it balances hormones
16. It soothes dry skin
17. It relives atopic dermatitis
18. It relieves PMS symptoms
19. It helps with Osteoporosis.

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Side Effects of Evening Primrose Oil. Where to Buy Online?

➥ As we all know excess of anything always harms, so the same thing applies to this oil, excessive consumption of this oil can increase the chances of bleeding. Suppose, you are facing a bleeding disorder, so stop using this essential oil.
➥ Before using this oil, confirm with your doctor about your current medications, allergies, pre-existing medical conditions, and if any
➥ Now suppose that you have any medical problem, then consume this oil only after consulting your doctor.

Where to Buy Evening Primrose Oil in India?
There are various traditional benefits of this incredible oil, so during manufacturing, we AOS Products, first of all, care the quality. So, if you are looking for evening primrose oil 1000mg benefits, you are at the right place. The oil of evening primrose has one unique benefit for hormonal balance. The pure and natural oil of evening primrose is used to make various types of capsules for hair and skin. Due to having so many qualities, whenever we make this oil, we take special care of its quality and purity, you can also check all our national and international certificates like ISO, GMP, HACCP, FASSI, and more.

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