what are Aromatherapy Oils

what are Aromatherapy Oils
Posted on 2023-01-11

Know All About Aromatherapy Oils and Top Most Name

Aromatherapy is a type of body treatment. Aromatherapy oils seem to relieve pain, improve mood and enhance a sense of relaxation. Aromatherapy uses aromatic essential oils to improve the health of our body, mind, and spirit. It helps to improve both physical and emotional health.

What Aromatherapy Oils are good for?
The Aromatherapy oils can provide respiratory disinfection, decongestant and psychological benefits. Inhaling these oils stimulates our olfactory system (A part of our brain) which is connected to smell.

What is the difference between Aromatherapy Oils and Essential Oils?

A minor difference is noted between Essential oils and Aromatherapy oils. Both types of oils can be used in a similar way. The difference is the following:

Essential oils- Essential oils are plant-derived compounds. They are concentrated oils that contain the essence, fragrance, and characteristics of the plant. They are usually extracted from the steam distillation method.

Aromatherapy oils- Aromatherapy oils are diluted essential oils. These oils are lighter and can be used more than the more intense essential oils.

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Aromatherapy Oils for Anxiety and Depression & How to Use?

1. Lavender oil- Lavender is an herb native to North America It is one of the most effective and popular aromatherapy oil. It is a bombard of sweet floral scent with a woody and herbal undertone. This oil is used to calm anxiety and depression. It has a sedative effect and may help with sleep troubles.

2. Bergamot oil- It is a type of citrus fruit native to Italy. Bergamot oil has calming effects, it can help to reduce anxiety. According to a research study in 2015, both animal and human trials found that this oil helps to relieve anxiety and depression.

3. Jasmin oil- Great aroma therapist, author Amy Galper says “Jasmine is mostly known for its emotional and psycho-spiritual affinities.” Jasmin is a shrub of the olive family. The oil of Jasmine has a wonderful floral scent, it is used in perfumes and other cosmetic products. It helps to relieve anxiety and depression, and it can be inhaled directly from the bottle.

The most common way to use aromatherapy oils is to inhale them, can be inhaled directly from the bottle or by using diffuser or humidifier.

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