What is Bergamot Oil

What is Bergamot Oil
Posted on 2022-10-29

What is Bergamot Oil Good for? Learn More Benefits

Bergamot Plant – बरगामोट का पौधा (जम्भी, नीबू और संतरे के प्रकार का वृक्ष, एक प्रकार की नाशपाती)
Bergamot Oil – बरगामोट तेल

What is Bergamot Oil? It is a small tree with pear-shaped fruit, and its oil is used in perfumery. It is from the Orange family (Citrus bergamia). From the rind of a Pear-shaped fruit, essential oil of delicious odor is extracted, much award-winning as a perfume.

It is a steam distillate essential oil obtained by cells inside the peel or skin of a bergamot orange fruit. It is a common flavoring and is highly used in perfumes. Bergamot Oil’s scent is alike to a sweet light orange peel oil with a floral memorandum. The skin or you may call the rind of 100 bergamot oranges yields about 3 ounces (85 g) of bergamot oil.

5 Unmatched Benefits of Bergamot Essential Oil

1 ➥ Stress reduction-
Inhaling bergamot oil after mixing with water vapor, reduced feelings of anxiety & fatigue. Also, it helps to relieve depression, anxiety, and other mood disorders by signaling the brain to release dopamine & serotonin.

2 ➥ Fights Food Poisoning-
Linalool compound found is Bergamot oil. Due to this compound, bergamot oil may effective in destroying the types of bacteria which are responsible for food-borne illnesses.

3 ➥ Reduces Pain & Inflammation-
Help in reducing Pain &inflammation as Linalool and carvacrol has an analgesic, anticonvulsant, and anti-inflammatory capabilities

4 ➥ It alleviate oily skin and, you should know it really cares from the skin disease as Eczema and Acne.

5 ➥ One more popular benefits, you should learn that is "It speed up the healing process of mouth ulcers, cold sores and more".

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Risks & Side Effects with Using Bergamot Oil. Where to Buy Online?

This oil may harm the skin, especially when it is not diluted with a carrier oil. Sometimes, it may cause allergic dermatitis.

Symptoms - Sensitivity & an Allergic reaction:
• Redness
• Hives
• Burning sensation
• Blisters
• Pain

Recommendation - before using this oil, please rub a dime-sized area of your forearm with the oil diluted in a carrier oil. Within 24 hours, if no allergic reaction is observed then it is safe to use.

Caution: using essential oils in a diffuser may cause negative effect on pregnant women, Children or pets

Compound found in bergamot oil known as Bergapten, was shown to be phototoxic. Due to this compound, the skin may become irritated or damaged when exposed to sunlight.

If bergamot oil is swallowed, it may harm you. A few medicines like ciprofloxacin, an antibiotic, also increase sensitivity to sunlight.

Thus, before using bergamot oil with medication, please consult pharmacist or doctor.

The takeaway:
➥ Study indicates, bergamot essential oils have the ability to reduce inflammation, increase positive mood and lower cholesterol levels.
➥ With Sensitive skin, may cause skin irritation or allergic reactions. It may also cause photosensitivity and should not be left on the skin to be exposed to sunlight.
➥ To get the best results, dilute it with carrier oil or water.

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