How to Check Purity of Moringa Oil

How to Check Purity of Moringa Oil
Posted on 2022-12-21

Know About Moringa oil and How to Test Purity

Moringa is a tree of ‘Moringaceae family’. Known as drumstick tree, ben oil tree, horseradish tree, or Benzolive tree, is a fast-growing and drought-resistant tree and is “Native to India”. Moringa oil is extracted from the seeds of Moringa using the “Cold press method”. The color of the oil is light yellow to a darker color. Rich in oleic acid and protein. Uses in several ways pharma, cosmetics, and food.

PURITY TEST (Learn How to Identify the Purity):
“GC-MS” (Gas Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry) and “Paper test method” both are the methods to identify the purity of the oil. Oil must contain “zero artificial substances”.

Uses of Moringa Oil in Pharmaceutical, Food and Cosmetic industries

1. Reduces cholesterol- The oil contains sterols which help to reduce LDL ‘bad’ cholesterol.
2. Anti-inflammatory- Contains tocopherol, catechins, ferulic acid, and zeatin which reduce inflammation.
3. Anti-bacterial- This oil has good anti-bacterial properties against different organisms like pseudomonas, Bacillus and E Coli, etc. According to some research, the root power of Moringa kills bacteria in water.
4. Anti-oxidant- rich in anti-oxidant properties which are beneficial in acne breakdown. Leaf of Moringa helps in increasing blood antioxidant level in our body.
5. Anti-fungal- Its anti-fungal properties reduce numerous skin infections.
6. Anti-aging- Helps to reduce the lines of aging like wrinkles, scars, and dullness of skin.
7. Treats Erectile dysfunctions- The oil is used to treat erectile dysfunctions. Increases testosterone levels which help to improve sexual functions in males.
8. For weight loss- Very few research studies show that the oil may help in weight loss and may treat metabolic syndrome which is responsible for heart disease, stroke, and diabetes.

1. For skin- Moringa oil is used to protect our skin from harmful sun rays, dust, and sand, it has cleansing and nourishing properties which help to improve our skin naturally.
2. For hair- The oil includes zinc and vitamin A, B which helps to improve keratin health, is responsible for good hair, and makes the hair stronger, shiny and smooth. Mix a few drops into the conditioner and shower the hair.


1.Moringa can be used for salad dressing and can be mixed with guacamole recipe, it helps to increase antioxidants.
2. Can be baked with anything and can be mixed with smoothies. Moringa leaves can be added to any beverage for flavor.

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SIDE EFFECTS of MORINGA OIL. Where to Buy Online?

* Don’t consume in large quantities, it has several side effects. May reduce blood pressure and heart rate.
* The oil has been used for centuries in food and medicine without any side effects as found in studies.

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