Health Benefits of Cypress Oil

Health Benefits of Cypress Oil
Posted on 2022-10-29

10 Surprising Benefits of Cypress Essential Oil - You should to Know

1- It promotes detoxification:
Cypress oil is able to detoxify the body, it is diuretic in nature so promotes urination, Cypress oil helps to remove the toxic substance from your body like uric acid, urea, salts from your body. It also induces sweating and helps to clean the skin, it also helps to reduce blood pressure. Cypress oil is antioxidant in nature, it prevents the free radical responsible for cell damage. Due to its detoxifying nature, it also supports the liver and helps to reduce the cholesterol level in the body.

2- It promotes blood clotting:
Cypress essential oil promotes blood clotting and prevents the excess flow of blood at the time of injury. It helps to contract the blood vessel which reduces excessive blood loss.

3- It has the astringent property:
It has astringent property which contracts the other parts of the body like hairs follicles, gums and skin thus help to prevents the hairs fall, loose teeth. Due to its astringent property, it helps to heal wounds, cuts, and open sores. It also helps to prevent anemia due to excessive blood loss.

4- Act as a pain reliever:
Cypress oil, reduce muscle cramps, helps to relieve the pain, helps to treat restless leg, and carpal tunnel, it is the inflammation of the muscle around the wrist area. It helps to reduce inflammation and give relief from pain. Cypress oil helps to reduce water retention from the body.

5- It gives relief from respiratory problems:
Cypress oil is a respiratory tonic, it also works as a decongestant and an expectorant, helps to eliminate the excess of mucus from the respiratory tract. It also has an anti-spasmodic property which gives relief from painful coughing, and asthma and relaxes the respiratory system. Cypress oil has antibacterial in nature, so kills the infection and facilitates easy recovery.

6- Able to treat the infection:
Cypress oil has antibacterial and antimicrobial property, it helps to treat the wound and small cut due to the presence of camphene in the oil. It prevents skin infections; it is also used in cosmetics such as soap and lotions.

7- It gives relief from stress and tension:
Cypress oil is used to treat stress, anxiety, and nervousness. It is sedative in nature, it uplifts your spirits, and it is best for those who are under mental stress and tension. It also works as an emotional stabilizer.

8- Helps to treat varicose veins and cellulite:
Cypress oil is used to treat the remedy to treat varicose veins. It promotes blood circulation, has anti-inflammatory property helps to reduce swollen veins and cellulite due to water retention, its antioxidants and anti-inflammatory property it are used to treat hemorrhoids.

9- Helps to treat pimples and acne:
It has antimicrobial properties, so helps to treat acne by killing bacteria. Mix it with carrier oil before use on the skin. Cypress oil is used to treat the cellulite.

10- Give relief from bad odor:
Cypress oil has a pleasant fragrance, it is also used as a natural deodorant, it reduces the bad odor.

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How to Use Cypress Oil?

• Topically:
Cypress oil is safe when apply on the skin. Take a few drops of the oil and mix it with a carrier oil like jojoba oil, coconut oil, then apply on the affected area of the skin.

• Aromatherapy:
Cypress oil is also used in aromatherapy, diffuse the oil in a vaporizer to induce the feelings, which makes you relax and free from depression.

• In bathing water:
We can also add a few drops of oil in warm water and stimulate detoxification, to reduce stress and respiratory issues.

• Steam inhalation:
We can also use the oil in steam inhalation, add a few drops of oil in boiling water for steam. It helps to treat respiratory issues.

• In a spritz bottle:
Cypress oil can be used to deodorize the office, house, and surroundings. Add a few drops of oil in a spritz bottle containing water and spray all around.

Safety and Precautions. Know Where to Buy Online?

➥ Cypress oil is not safe internally, it should not be ingested.
➥ Always do the patch test before the use of cypress oil and dilute the oil with carrier oil before applying the skin.
➥ Keep it out of children's reach.
➥ If you are taking medicines, then consult the doctor before use.

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