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Cypress Oil

Cypress Oil

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Cypress Oil

Main Botanic name of Cypress oil is Cupressus sempervirens. Cypress oil is an important essential oil derived by the distillation method of Cypress tree. Cypress oil is one of the favorite oil offered in bulk by AOS Products. Since there are the several beauty and herbal uses of Cypress oil but unfortunately it is called as the symbol of death oil.


Cypress oil basically come in Aromatherapy categories, but you can blend it with multiple essential oil for example blend it with mint oil, oil of woody, grapefruit oil and citrus oil.


Common method for extracting of Cypress oil is that distilled by steam method.


Major constituents of Cypress leave oil listed here, all components tested by AOS Products, following:

Positive-Limonene, a-Terpinyl acetate, a-Pinene, 3-delta-Carene, Cedrol and Terpinolene.

Uses: Amazing Health benefits of Cypress oil

 Essential oil Cypress uses for centuries to alleviate menstrual problems because it has the ability to circulate and regulate the blood flow. It reduces water retention and cellulite and maintains the relaxation of tired muscles. Other important health uses listed as:

  • It is helpful for increments the quantity and frequency of urination.
  • It improves lung efficiency.
  • This aromatherapy oil also ensures the optimal liver of health.
  • It reduces heavy menstruation.
  • Also useful to promote blood clotting.
  • Helpful in treating external and internal wound.

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Review Summry - very useful for blood clotting

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thanks aos. I am Ada Huo from Argentina. Cypress oil is very useful for blood clotting

By Ada Huo Posted On 2019-04-24

Review Summry - cypress oil benefits for hair

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kindly sent the all documents related to its quality. Almost 1 week before i have purchase it

By sreenath Karwal Posted On 2019-05-08

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