Health Benefits of Cooking Oil

Health Benefits of Cooking Oil
Posted on 2022-05-10

Which Cooking Oil is Best for Health?

There are many different type of oil we used for cooking. Cooking oil is different due to their availability, climate and flavor.

1- Mustard oil:
It is used for cooking, it is rich with health benefits, it contains monounsaturated fatty acid. It increases the blood circulation. Mustard oil has anti-infection properties; it will help to maintain healthy heart.

2- Groundnut oil:
It is widely used oil across the world, it contains high amount of unsaturated fats, Groundnut oil is also known as Arachis Oil, it is also good for heart health. It is low in SFA. It increases the flavor of your food, itbalances the fatty acid level in your body.

3- Coconut oil:
Coconut oil is used to maintain healthy hairs. It is very popular cooking oil in southern part of India. It has antiviral and antifungal properties; it also gives flavor to food. Virgin coconut oil has zero trans fats, it is also good for heart health. It also helps to reduce the weight. Due to the presence of MCTs it helps repair the brain function.

4- Palm oil:
It is obtained from the fruit of oil palms, it gives flavor to curries and spicy dishes. It is rich in antioxidant, vitamin E and beta carotene. Due to the presence of vitamin E, itacts as antioxidants which control the free radicals responsible for cell damage. It also promotes the brain health.

5- Sesame oil:
The oil is obtained from seeds of sesame; it has medicinal properties. It has anti-inflammatory properties. It contains unsaturated fats; it is good for our heart. It is rich source of omega-6 fatty acid; it is popularly used for salads.

6- Almond oil:
Almond oil has high nutrition value, it helps to maintain the healthy weight and it is also good for heart. It also helps to maintain the blood sugar level. It is rich of vitamin E, it also has antioxidant property, which prevent the free radical responsible for cell damage.

7- Safflower oil:
It is rich source of fatty acid, it helps to treat inflammation, it also treats high blood sugar level. It also maintains the heathy heart. It has high smoke point; it is good for frying the food. It has a good flavor.

8- Soyabean oil:
This oil has a high smoke point and it is good for heart health. It contains vitamin K; it is also good for bone health. It also supports the healthy skin and due to presence of omega-3 fatty acid, it is good for blood. This oil is used in dishes and salads.

9- Sunflower oil:
It is also called as energy booster, it is the best oil for cooking. It is the main source of vitamin A and E, it gives strength to immune system and boost the digestion process. It has laxative property, which prevents the constipation.

Healthy Cooking Oils — The Ultimate Guide
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By: Kris Gunnars

What is the Good Oil for Frying?

➥ For deep frying safflower oil and rice bran oil, peanut oil and olive oil is good, out of them olive oil is good for deep frying of food, because it has high smoke point.
➥ Olive oil is one of the healthiest fats, it contains high monounsaturated fatty acid, like oleic acid, linoleic acid, palmitic acid. it is heat resistant.

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Which cooking oil is cholesterol free?

Canola oil has zero cholesterol, it has a high smoke point of 475-degree F, it is healthy vegetable oil, it is low in saturated fat and high in monounsaturated fat. It lowers the risk of heart disease.
➠ Canola oil is high in omega-3 fatty acid, alpha-linolenic acid, it has a neutral taste used in salads and dressing. It is the good source of MUFA.

Where to Buy Cooking Oil online in India

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