Essential Oils for Trigger Finger

Essential Oils for Trigger Finger
Posted on 2024-04-13

What is Trigger Finger? How to treat with the Help of Essential Oils

In the case of the trigger finger, which affects the tendons that allow you to bend and straighten your fingers, you may experience a locking or catching sensation. The fingers and thumb could also experience discomfort and stiffness as additional symptoms. The illness is also referred to as steno sing tenosynovitis.

The disorder can affect any of the digits, although the ring finger and thumb are the ones that are most frequently affected. Trigger thumb is the name given to the condition when the thumb is involved.

Top 3 Essential Oils for Trigger Finger for Quick Relief:

1. Coconut Oil Virgin for Trigger Finger:
The dried fruit called copra is used to make virgin coconut oil. The copra is abundant in many nutrients and minerals that support healthy hormone regulation, skin health, and increased energy levels.

Additionally, it has a lot of antibacterial and anti-inflammatory characteristics that serve as a barrier of defense for the skin. Virgin coconut oil can help with a variety of health problems, including trigger finger, thanks to its potent fatty acids.

2. Trigger Finger Castor Oil:
Another excellent oil with a lot of anti-inflammatory effects is castor oil. Due to its inherent inflammatory qualities, this oil is ideal for tendon irritation.

The trigger finger was successfully treated with castor oil. It also has important fatty acids, which give it a warm oily consistency and help relieve trigger finger pain.

3. Essential Oil of Helichrysum:
Imagine someone who experiences trigger finger pain. They can rely entirely on helichrysum essential oil in that situation. You'll feel immediate comfort after using this essential oil on that trigger finger area.

Helichrysum essential oil, which is derived from Helichrysum italic plum, is excellent for treating trigger finger symptoms. This essential oil has a lot of analgesic and anti-inflammatory qualities. These characteristics aid in easing tendon pain.

What is the Best Home Remedy for Trigger Finger?

People who want to avoid trigger finger release surgery should definitely consider these easy at-home cures for trigger fingers. It's easy to understand why many people choose to treat their trigger finger at home when they have options like medication, rest, splinting, and massage.

Overuse of the affected fingers and/or thumb results in a trigger finger. One of the various treatments available, rest should not be disregarded. Resting occasionally can help the inflammation go down and mend the afflicted finger. For four to six weeks, try to avoid engaging in any activities that keep your finger bent. Your finger will have time to heal as a result, and the swelling will lessen.

Cold and Heat Therapy:
To treat trigger fingers, hot and cold therapies each have a different but complementary effect. While cold numbs pain, heat soothes wounds. Both treatments need little equipment and can be performed at home or on the go.

A few minutes of daily finger massage can be a successful treatment, especially when paired with other forms of therapy. Muscles become more flexible and loose after a massage, which also enhances general well-being. Avoid receiving a massage if your hand or fingers are inflamed.

You can keep your hand strength and flexibility by exercising. You can reduce stiffness and broaden your range of motion by doing a variety of exercises. You'll frequently receive a list of suggested exercises from a physical therapist or occupational therapist. Make sure you adhere to all of their directions and continue the recommended exercise routine.

A splint will immobilize a finger or portion of your hand. Rest is a key component of treating the trigger finger, as we've previously discussed, and splinting your affected finger can help you get that rest without having to give up all hand motion.

Depending on the kind of splint, it may only cover one of your fingers or it may cover both of them. Your finger will be stabilized by the splint to promote healing, stop further harm, and act as a reminder to keep the finger still.

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Can you Fix Trigger Finger Naturally?

Depending on the severity of your disease, there are a variety of trigger finger treatments available, from rest to surgery. Trigger finger can be treated without surgery by resting your hands, using a splint at night, doing stretching exercises, and receiving a steroid injection.

How to treat trigger finger in Ayurveda?

Make a paste by combining yoghurt with finely ground dill seeds (3 tsp), horse gram (3 tsp), rock salt (1/2 tsp), sesame oil (1 tsp), and vinegar (1 tsp). Apply this to the troubled joint, cover it with a cloth, leave it on overnight, then take off the next morning. For a week or two, keep doing this.

What is the Best topical Treatment for Trigger Finger?

To treat trigger finger discomfort, people frequently use topical NSAIDs like ketoprofen and oral NSAIDs like ibuprofen.

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