About Orange Oil

About Orange Oil
Posted on 2022-05-10

What is Orange Oil? How to make?

Orange oil is extracted as a by-product of orange juice, It is also known as the essential oil of oranges, The scientific name of the plant is Citrus sinensis. These are common fruits but the oil is not known by many people. The oil is extracted from the peel of oranges. The orange oil is used to treat health issues and many skin problems. The main component of oil is limonene, b-myrcene, alpha-pinene,Citronellol and linalool. Orange oil has antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, analgesic, antibiotic and sedative properties.

What is Orange Essential Oil good for?
The orange oil has many health benefits, it helps us in insomnia, helps in a sound sleep, it also helps in treating muscles spasm, it also increases the desire of sex, promoting the immune system and preventing the onset of cognitive disorders.

Orange oil has antioxidant properties which give a glow to the skin and prevent fine lines and wrinkles. Due to the high content of antioxidants and organic compounds, it makes the oil highly useful and versatile.

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10 Surprising Health benefits of orange oil

  1. It is widely used in cosmetic products due to its antioxidant properties.
  2. Due to the presence of myrcene in orange oil, it is used to treat digestive problems like diarrhea, diabetes, and dysentery.
  3. It is used as a flavoring agent in sweets, beverages, and sweetmeats, bakery products, room fresheners, sprays, and deodorants.
  4. Orange Oil is used in body lotion, soap, creams, and anti-aging cream and wrinkles lifting cream.
  5. It is used to treat spasms, and stomachaches.
  6. It also has an anti-inflammatory effect, due to the presence of alpha-pinene, it is used to treat arthritis.
  7. It is also used to treat depression, anxiety anger, and heart problem.
  8. It also has aphrodisiac properties, it is used to treat frigidity, erectile, and impotence.
  9. It also acts as a mood booster; it uplifts the mood.
  10. It also acts as a facial cleanser, it tones the skin and helps to reduce acne. Due to its antiseptic properties.

How to use Orange Oil for the Mood Booster, Allergy Relief and More

Mood Booster:
Orange oil is also used as a mood booster, it works as an anti-depressant, It uplifts the mood, Place one or two drops of oil in your palm and rub together. Inhale the aroma from your palm, it helps in the reduction of depression.

Facial Cleanser:
Orange oil helps to tones the skin, it helps to reduce the acne, due to antiseptic properties, it also reduces the oil production. Take 2 to 5 drops of orange oil, mix it with water and then wash your face with water. You can do one more thing place one drop of oil on a cotton swab and apply it to your skin.

Allergy Relief:
Due to its anti-inflammatory property, it helps in treating swelling of the respiratory tract. It also improves the blood flow to the respected area.

Better Dental Hygiene:
It has antimicrobial property, it kills the bacteria, it is used to treat gingivitis, mouth ulcer. Take one cup of water add 4 to 5 drops of orange oil in it add some salt, mix the ingredient, and do gargles with this water.

Improved Digestion:
It is also used to treat digestive problem such as constipation, slow digestion, flatulence, add 4 to 5 drops of orange oil, in carrier oil and apply on your abdomen.

Arthritis Relief:
Orange oil has anti-inflammatory property. It is used to treat arthritis take 10 to 12 drops of oil mix it with a carrier oil such as coconut oil, you can also add capsaicin oil, apply directly the oil to the affected area with a massage until the oil is absorbed by the skin.

Where to Buy Orange Oil Online

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