About Jatamansi Oil

About Jatamansi Oil
Posted on 2022-10-29

What is Jatamansi oil good for?

Found in the Himalayas, Jatamansi is the root of a flowering plant in the Valerian family known as spikenard (biological name: Narostostach Jatamansi). A well-known Ayurvedic herb known to cure neuro-psychological disorders and skin diseases, the oil from this herb is used as a perfume and medicine. It is also referenced in the Ayurveda of Jatamansi from the time of Charaka and Sushruta, two major contributors to Ayurvedic science.

Extraction Process & Smell:

The essential oil extracted from the stem parts of Jatamansi that grow underground (rhizome) has a very soothing and relaxing smell. It helps to calm a person and allows the nerves to relax. The smell doesn't bother your senses anyway.

Some Common Benefits, You Should Know:
• Helps to reduce anxiety.
• Helps lower blood pressure.
• Treating dysmenorrhea (painful periods)

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Incredible Benefits of Jatamansi Oil for Health & Hair

There are several health benefits of such amazing oil for health and hair. We AOS Products with the help of this blog would like to share some impressive benefits; we hope that these benefits sure rectify your query. So, visit our blog and know our essential oil benefits:

➠ Useful in Memory Loss:
Along with its ability to improve memory, this Ayurvedic herb also relieves forgetfulness and acts as a repelling agent for those suffering from memory loss. Jatamansi Oil is also beneficial for people who are often under mental stress while improving learning and other cognitive functions.

➠ Effective Solution for Headache:

An effective solution for headaches such as severe or sharp pain near the ear, intense pain around the eye and extremities, this remedy works well for all types of headache.

➠ Prevents Epilepsy:
By maintaining the balance of hormones in the nervous system, this herb helps prevent epileptic seizures. It also provides strong protection against oxidative stress.

➠ Do, you know that Jatamansi oil is also helpful to Prevents hair fall and premature graying:
Nard oil or Jatamansi processed in sesame oil helps in reducing hair fall, prevents premature graying and makes your hair smooth and shiny. Apart from this, this oil is also helpful in controlling dandruff.

➠ Use it to Make your skin glow:
If you are looking for Ayurvedic remedies to get glowing skin then Jatamansi powder comes to your rescue. Mix a small amount of this powder with water and apply it to your skin. Watch carefully as it changes your skin tone and texture.

You Should Also Know: Side Effects of Jatamansi Oil

➥ An overdose of this medicine may cause vomiting, diarrhea, severe abdominal pain, and purging.
➥ Consumption of this medicine should be avoided during pregnancy and breastfeeding.
➥ To be used only under medical supervision or as advised by the concerned doctor.
➥ Special care should be taken when prescribing this medicine to people with high blood pressure.
➥ People with heavy periods should avoid this medicine as it may increase menstrual flow.

Where to Buy Jatamansi Oil?
You can buy Jatamansi essential oil online through snap deal, eBay, 1mg, Amazon, Paytm Mall, Shop clues and some private essential oil stores. But you should remember one thing if you are going to buy this oil in the form of blended or NOT original then it will 100% harm your healthy skin and hair. So, before going to buy this essential oil online, always try to buy it from a Genuine Manufacturer. How to Identify: The first check is that are they providing you with all suitable documents like COA, and quality guidelines, and are certified or NOT.

We AOS Products are a reputed manufacturer and exporter of pure and original Jatamansi Oil in India. We are certified and members of ISO 22000:2018, GMP, HACCP, HALAL, FASSI, and more. We always provide all documents as per our standard & quality products. So, let’s come to our online website and start to buy:

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