About Calendula Oil

About Calendula Oil
Posted on 2021-04-16

What is Calendula Oil?

It is a natural oil extracted from the marigold flowers, it belongs to family Asteraceae. It is native of southwestern Asia. It has anti-fungal, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. It is also known as medicinal plant. It contains saponins, sterols, phenolic acids, lipids, carotenoids and Flavonoids. The pleiotropic properties of this plant are stimulant, wound healing, anti-ulcer, anti HIV, immune-internally, Calendula Oil is also used for peptic and duodenal ulcers, spasms of the GI tract, mucous membrane inflammations, dysmenorrhea especially in nervous or anemic women, splenic and hepatic inflammations.

Health benefits of calendula oil?
1• It has anti-fungal and antibacterial properties, so help to heal the small wounds cuts and skin infections like eczema, psoriasis.
2• It also has sedative effect; calendula was shown to increase hex barbital sleeping time.
3• It is also useful in treating internal burn like ulcer, heartburn and irritable bowel syndrome. It increases the digestive issue by treating the gut wall.
4• It has antibacterial properties, which fights with cold and flu, helps to treat cough or congestion.
5• It moisturizes and nourishes the dry skin. It makes the skin shiny.
6• It is also used to treat baby rashes and skin irritation.
7• It has antioxidant effect on skin, it protects the skin from wrinkles, and prevents the sign of aging.
8• It also works as a lip balm and makes the lips soft.

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How to Use Calendula Oil?

We can use calendula as a tea. We can add few drops of oil in boiling water. It can be used as a mouth rinse or used to treat sore throat, wounds in the mouth.
• As an oil:
It can be used topically as oil; it has topical medicinal use.it has anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties. It is used to heal the wound.
• As cream and ointment:
We can also mix few drops of oil in your regular body lotions and cream.
• Calendula extract:
Extract from the calendula flower be used in deodorant and body lotion.

The Health Benefits of Calendula
By: Barbie Cervoni
View at: https://www.verywellhealth.com/health-benefits-of-calendula-4582641

Is Calendula Oil being Good for Skin?

Calendula oil is used as anti-inflammatory for skin, it prevents your body release of histamines, which is the main cause of skin redness, pain, allergies. It also used to treat acne and helps in reducing swelling due to acne. Due to the presence of linoleic acid in calendula oil, it moisturizes the skin, it also nourishes your skin.
It makes the skin smooth and soft, due to the presence of flavonoids, it works as a powerful antioxidant which protect your skin from free radicals which are the main cause of wrinkles and skin aging. It also helps to reduce the hyper pigmentation and scars of skin. It cleans the pore of skin and tone the skin.

Is Calendula Oil being Good for Hairs?
Calendula oil is used to treat dandruff and treat scalp infections, it helps to grow more hair follicles and gives strength to the hair follicles, due to its antioxidant properties it protects the cell from free radical damage. It promotes the hair growth. It heals the damage skin on scalp and helps in hair growth. It gives color to your hairs work as a natural dye for hairs, rinsing your hairs with calendula tea gives color to the hairs, it makes the hairs golden brown without side effect.

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