What is Clary Sage Oil

What is Clary Sage Oil
Posted on 2021-04-01

What are the Uses of Clary Sage Oil?

What is Clary Sage Oil used for?
This is incredible essential oil of AOS Products. It has several health and beauty benefits. We are providing for you some relevant uses and benefits, that can change your daily life and routines. More details, follow here:
1• It is used as antidepressant, help to give relief from depression.
2• It is also used in deodorants and astringents.
3• Clary sage oil is also used in cosmetic, mix two or three drops of oil in body lotion and face cream, it makes the skin soother.
4• Clary sage seed oil is also used to prevent the dandruff, and balance the production of sebum on scalp, thus promote the hair growth.
5• It also helps in digestion.
6• It also has relaxing effect on body and mind, it helps to reduce stress and negative mood which is due to hormonal imbalance.
7• It also helps to improve the respiratory problems like asthma, pneumonia and bronchitis.
8• Clary sage oil works as antispasmodic, give relief from stomach pain and menstrual cramp.
9• It also helps to treat gingivitis and stomatitis.
10• It also helps in water retention problem.
11• It is also used in aroma therapy, it has antibacterial properties the diffuse of oil and water helps to prevent the infection.
12• Clary sage oil is also used by the tobacco industries.
13• Clary sage oil is also used to balance the thyroid hormone.

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Can you put clary sage oil directly on skin?

➠ Mix clary sage oil with small amount of carrier oil before use. Due to the presence of linalyl acetate which reduces the inflammation.
➠ It also helps to give relief from the skin rashes.
➠ it also has an astringent property which tone the skin and also helps to prevent the acne.
➠ Clary sage oil has an antibacterial property which helps to treat skin infection and small wounds and cuts.
➠ Clary sage oil also balance the sebum production in skin and gives radiant and glowing skin. We can also mix clary sage oil with coconut oil or almond oil.

About of Clary Sage Oil – #1 Hormone Balancing Oil
By: Magdalena Wszelaki
View at: https://hormonesbalance.com/articles/clary-sage-oil-stress-relief-womens-health/

How clary sage oil helps in insomnia?
➠ It also helps to give relief from insomnia, it is a natural sedative which helps you to calm down and induce peaceful feeling.
➠ Insomnia not only affect your daily work but also reduce the ability to do work. It also lowers your energy level. Two main reason of insomnia is stress and hormonal imbalance.
➠ Clary sage oil lowers the stress hormone, cortisol which increases the feeling of confidence.
➠ It reduces the anxiety and depression. When your stress level is controlled its automatically induces the sleep. The anti-inflammatory property of oil also helpful for those people who are facing chronic conditions.

How to use clary sage oil?

➥ Add 2 to 5 drops of clary sage oil to your favorite body lotion and cream and apply this blend on your face or skin on daily basis.
➥ It is also used in nebulizers to treat depression and anxiety. Mix four drops of clary sage oil in hot water for inhalation and steam.
➥ We can also add 5 to 10 drops of oil in water bath, it gives relief from body inflammation and induce the positive feeling and relax your body.
➥ We can also use clary sage oil as a room spray, add few drops of oil in water and put in spray bottle.
➥ You can also use clary sage oil as a perfume, apply the oil on pulse points at your wrists and temples or behind your ears.

Does Clary Sage Oil Induce Labor?
Clary sage oil stimulate the labor; it also has a sedative effect. It reduces the adrenaline and induce the production of oxytocin. Labor means uterine contraction caused by oxytocin thus clary sage oil induce the labor by increasing oxytocin level. It is completely safe we can also use clary sage spray, diffuse it into the air around you. it will help you in calm down and soothing the pain.

Where to Buy Clary Sage Oil Online

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