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Clary Sage Oil

Clary Sage Oil

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Clary Sage Oil

It is most popular in the verified categories of Aromatherapy. AOS Products offers its highest quality on affordable price in India. We are leading and professional manufacturer and exporter of clary sage essential oil. Mostly Clary sage essential oil is helpful in middle age person. You can’t believe that its fight clearly against anxiety. Shop here pure and only natural class of aromatherapy oil with us.


Clary sage is extracted bye the mode of steam distillation of flowering tops.


  • It is helpful for the oil of massage where you may also dilute in the bath water for refreshing your body.
  • It is helpful to mix with the cosmetic products like that in lotion of cream etc. It is sedative, anti-inflammatory, antispasmodic, antiseptic etc.
  • A purified and standard class of Clary sage oil is useful in the condition like spasm, digestive problem, and respiratory, exhaustion, Asthma, depression or muscle cramps related problems.
  •  The oil is also used for minor, depression, nervousness, sore throat, aches and pain etc.
  • It contains suitable hormone that regulate your hormonal behave resulting in its use for moderating PMS symptoms.
  • This most demanded aromatherapy essential oil helpful in warming, soothing and relaxing our body
  • It is also used in preparing mucilage which is a special adhesive composed of a solution of a sticky vegetable product used primarily to seal paper.
  • Clary sage may be added to food or water as a dietary supplement.
  • Leaves oil of clary sage have been used as a vegetable in cookery.


A very clear and colors of pale yellow consisted by clary sage oil. Clary sage has a fantastic test in sweet. The viscosity power of clary sage oil is watery. The main chemical components of celery sage are linalool, linally acetate, caryophyllene, a-terpineol, geraniol, neryl acetate, sclareol and germacrene D. It was first originated from South Africa.

Where to buy clary sage oil?

You may shop Clary sage oil in India with AOS Products. You may to remember that we offers all types of natural essential oil only with brand name so whenever you think best benefits of clary sage oil than you may take a free consults with our exports. You may think multiple times during shop clary sage oil in India. Whether you like than you may shop online this clary sage oil India via register e-commercial websites. Really finest aroma oils this clary sage oil for gray hair. Ask by call to known best Sage oil benefits of AOS. Think about of sage oil for hair care with us. And last terms if you want to learn how to use clary sage oil than our experts welcome you to join us.

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Really good Product... The fragrance of this oil is really awesome. instant relief from tiredness or irrigations. I personally use this product... recommended to everyone to use this oil...

By Naveen Posted On 2019-02-06

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We need the information of clary sage essential oil best price? Are your quality of clary sage useful to apply on Hair??

By Mohammad Alam Posted On 2019-05-10

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Hello AOS, how are you? Hendarsih Volka here from Indonesia, i am looking 100 gms of Clary sage oil in good quality for my hair to grey. Ok what it useful for hair also. How to shop 100 gm by your site. Kindly send us proper link with best Market price 2019

By Hendarsih Volka Posted On 2019-06-03

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