What is Almond Oil

What is Almond Oil
Posted on 2024-03-12

Know All About Almond Oil - Origin & How to Make and More

Almond is scientifically known as PRUNUS AMYGDUS. It is a species of tree cultivated in Iran and other surrounding countries. The almond tree is native to barberry but widely cultivated in the Mediterranean and California.

ALMOND is the name of the widely cultivated and edible seed of prunus amygdules. It grows up to 4-10m in height with a trunk up to 30cm in diameter. Almonds are commonly referred to as nuts. The fruit of the almond is a drupe, which consists of an outer hull and seed with a hard shell. Almond oil is a versatile fat that can be used as a food or natural beauty product.

Botanical Name- PRUNUS DULCIS

Almond oil Belongs to the Rose family:
There are two varieties sweet almond oil [P.dulcis variety dulcis] and bitter almond [P.dulcis variety amara]. Sweet almonds are familiar edible types consumed as nuts and used in cooking or as a source of this oil or almond meal.

The unrefined form of this oil is made by pressing raw almonds without the use of high heat or chemical agents. This low-heat process helps this oil retain much of its nutrient content. AOS Almond oil is extracted from the seed of an almond used to produce refined oil which destroys certain valuable nutrients, the unrefined form of the oil is a better choice for culinary purposes.

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Pure Almond oil is pale yellow in color and sweet in taste. It is non-volatile and odorless. The evergreen oil has melted and the boiling point is 0F (-18). The density of the oil is 0.919g/ml.
One tablespoon (14g) of this AOS oil consists of -
Total fat…..13.5g
Saturated fat….1.1 g.
Monounsaturated fat…9.4g.
Vitamin E….26%

ALMOND OIL is full of vitamin E and it is a great source of magnesium, phosphorus, and copper. This antioxidant-rich oil is known for its free radical fighting abilities.
It contains 62-80 % oleic acid, and 20- 30% Linolenic acid, another valuable fatty acid rich in beta-sitosterol squalene and vitamin E. It is insoluble in water.

9 Incredible Benefits of Almond Oil, Learn How to Use the Oil as per Perticular Reason. Where to Buy Highest Quality Oil Online?

  1. Reduces puffiness and under-eye circles
  2. Improves complexion and skin tone
  3. Treat dry skin
  4. Improve acne
  5. Reduces the appearance of the scar.
  6. This oil is a good source of antioxidant vitamin E and unsaturated fats. A diet rich in unsaturated fat may provide some health benefits including reduced risk of heart disease and stabilizing blood sugar levels.
  7. Almond oil made by AOS Products Company also helps in reducing blood pressure and cholesterol levels aids in weight loss and lowers the risk of heart disease.
  8. A diet rich in this oil lowered LDL and total cholesterol levels while raising HDL cholesterol by 6%
  9. This oil may protect the skin from sun damage and prevent stretch marks. It can be used cosmetically in many ways such as a moisturizer, oil makeup remover, etc.

As a tasty salad dressing - combine an unrefined form of the oil with apple cider vinegar and chopped herbs.
TO ADD A NUTTY FLAVOR TO MEALS- dazzle form of this incredible oil over your favorite side dish to give it an extra kick.
OVER PASTA - add a bit of almond oil to your pasta to add a boost of healthy fats
AS A PART OF BEAUTY ROUTINE- Natural Almond oil is a perfect moisturizing agent for sensitive skin
APPLY IT TO EXTRA DRY SPOTS - Rub this oil on the elbow feet and any other area that tends to get dry.
TO MAKE A HOMEMADE HAIR MASK - Make a hydrating hair mask by mixing almond oil with mashed avocado, then apply to hair and leave for 45 minutes to get better results.
COMBINE IT WITH ESSENTIAL OILS - use almond oil as a carrier oil to dilute essential oils when you are applying them to the skin.
Almond oil contains BIOTIN. Massaging your hair with this incredible oil is an effective way to provide your hair, with a healthy dose of biotin to promote hair growth and reduce hair thinning.
Due to its emollient properties, almond oil fills the gap in your hair at the cellular level and, therefore improves overall texture.
PURITY- This amazing oil does not contain any diluent. The color of this amazing oil is pale yellow and the odor is nutty.

Where to Buy Almond Oil Online

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